21 Best Lakes in Upstate New York for a Lovely Vacation Getaway

New Yorkers! Craving a relaxing lake vacation in Upstate New York? Need to get away from the hustle and bustle of living in NYC? I have good news for you — Wherever you live in our beautiful state, you don’t have to travel far for a wonderful lake vacation in New York. That’s because New York is home to over 7,600 lakes, ponds, and reservoirs, which are near marvelous NY small towns and several other natural wonders. For a lovely getaway by one of our state’s beautiful lakes, here are our favorite best lakes in upstate New York for the perfect New York getaway.

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Getting Around Upstate New York

But first, if you’re new to Upstate New York, getting around can be tricky if you don’t own a car. But worry not, there are different ways to move between places. From trains to buses to car rentals — listed below are ways to visit different lakes in upstate New York.

Trains to Lake Towns in New York

The Metro-North and Amtrak are wonderful options to help you plan most New York getaways. Check out the Amtrak website’s regional maps or the Metro-North train routes if you want to plan your New York Lake trip by train. Places like Saratoga Springs have an Amtrak station right in town!

If you’d like to find the cheapest train tickets, you should consider booking tickets through Kayak as they have recommendations of when it’s cheapest to travel. Their search tool lets you see prices based on the station, number of connections, and more.

Buses to Lake Vacations in New York

There are different bus companies that can take you to several small towns around Upstate New York. Check Wanderu for different routes and bus companies. Here are just a few:

  • Trailways – Goes to small Upstate New York towns that are at the foot of beautiful lakes such as the towns of Geneva (Seneca Lake), Lake Placid, Lake George, and Ithaca (Cayuga Lake). I recommend booking these buses through Kayak to find the cheapest dates and times.
  • Megabus – Megabus US covers some of the larger towns such as Ithaca, Syracuse (near the Finger Lakes) and Rochester (north of Canadice Lake).
  • Check the Greyhound‘s map. Please note that Greyhound mostly goes to the bigger cities in New York State.

Walkability When Visiting Lakes in Upstate New York

Unfortunately, we live in one of the least walkable countries in the world. But, there are several lake towns in New York State where you can still get around on foot. Charming lake towns like Skaneateles are perfectly walkable.

However, if you’re looking to spend prolonged amounts of time without a car, it’s important to plan ahead for things like grocery shopping and outdoor adventures. Consider Uber to farther places. And ask your Uber driver or Airbnb host about picking you back up. Many people may be happy to take on an extra gig paid in cash!

Car Rental Road Trips in Upstate New York

This is, of course, the best way to get around most of New York State outside of New York City. With a car, you can venture all around lakes in New York to explore the best small towns and stunning waterfalls in New York or drive to different nearby hidden gems in Upstate New York like gemstone mines and swimming holes — all on your own schedule. Consider a long-term rental (a week or a month) to lower the daily rate and use a credit card like the Chase Sapphire which includes car rental insurance. Make sure to book your car rental online in advanced to find the best deals, as last minute rentals can be expensive.

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Beautiful Lakes in Upstate New York to Visit

1) Green Lake (Green Lake State Park)

Located in Green Lake State Park, both Green and Round Lake are known to be two of the most beautiful lakes in upstate New York. This is due to their clear, turquoise color. Both are glacial lakes, with unique features that support ancient plant and animal life. 

Most notably, Green Lake has a very special feature- a coral-like reef. “Deadman’s Point” was formed over thousands of years by microscopic organisms. This fragile, freshwater reef provides a home for plants and fish. Due to its importance to the lake’s ecosystem, and its fragility, the park has certain rules for boaters. No outside watercraft is allowed; if you would like to kayak or row on Green Lake, you will need to rent from the park’s Boat House. 

If boating is not your style, or the park Boat House is closed, visit the beautiful beach area and swim. Or,  enjoy a beautiful 4.6-mile hike around both lakes through the lush forest for wonderful views of the turquoise waters. 

Please note: For your safety and to preserve the lake, swimming is NOT allowed outside of the designated beach area. Please leave no trace in these natural areas.

If you want to spend the night nearby, consider staying right in Fayetteville (the town where Green Lakes State Park is located) at The Craftsman Inn which offers spacious apartment suites and a cute restaurant on site.

2) Cayuga Lake

Beautiful Cayuga Lake is the longest and second deepest of the Finger Lakes. You can experience this special lake in many ways. First, visit Cayuga Lake State Park. Here, you can swim seasonally at a flat beach, and enjoy a sloping landscape up to your campsite.

Or, visit one of the other state parks located on Cayuga Lake. Allan H Treman State Marine Park connects with wonderful trails and provides public boating access. Taughannock Falls State Park allows swimming in some areas and sometimes offers live concerts in the summertime. There’s also, Buttermilk State Park which is one of my favorite state parks in New York!

For boat experiences, you can go on a wine-tasting boat tour on Cayuga Lake. Or you can also rent a private boat to take you around. If you prefer driving, then take a look at the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway to catch all the breathtaking views Cayuga Lake has to offer. You could also go kayaking on the Cayuga Seneca Canal, which is a section of the Erie Canal that connects Seneca and Cayuga Lakes. Whilst kayaking you’ll get to see tons of wildlife, such as sparrows, osprey, and if you’re lucky a bald eagle.

Along your way, be sure to stop at Ithaca located at the southern tip of this Finger Lake. Ithaca is one of the best New York lake towns, and you won’t want to miss it. If you choose to spend the night in Ithaca, check out The Argos Inn is a great boutique hotel choice in Ithaca.

3) Seneca Lake ★

Not only is Seneca Lake the deepest lake in New York, but it is also the largest of all the Finger Lakes. It is one of my favorite areas to stay in the Finger Lakes because it’s smack dab in the middle of all the most popular points of interest.

For an up-close experience of Seneca Lake, rent a paddleboard, kayak, or canoe and explore its waters. You could also take a guided kayaking tour that lets you see the beautiful scenery around the lake including waterfalls. Or, take a boat tour or dinner cruise. However, if you’re a beginner, consider doing this in one of the smaller lakes.

You will also want to experience the Seneca Lake Wine Trail tours such as this Seneca Lake South Wine Tasting Tour that covers four different wineries and lunch at Tabora Farms & Café. The area surrounding the lake is the perfect growing location, due to its cool microclimate. So, you’ll find some of the finest wines, and some of the best views, as you follow the Wine Trail. 

Just north of Seneca Lake is the charming town of Geneva. You’ll love the architecture here, so make sure to see Belhurst Castle and Winery. Here, you can be treated like royalty at the Isabella Spa and spend a lazy afternoon meandering the gardens. 

On the southern tip of Seneca Lake is the lake community Watkins Glen (pictured above), the perfect gateway for first-timers to amazing areas like Watkins Glen State Park (hike the Gorge Trail!) and Catharine Creek Wildlife Management Area (see Aunt Sarah’s Falls!). In Watkins Glen, you could stay at The Blackberry Inn Bed & Breakfast that is only 6 minutes walk from Watkins Glen State Park, and 5 minutes walk from Seneca Harbor. This B&B includes a free breakfast every morning and has an outdoor pool so you can relax after a day out on the lake.

4) Keuka Lake ★

Another one of the best lakes to visit in New York state is Keuka Lake. This is the third-largest Finger Lake, and forms a Y-shape, unlike other lakes in this region. Additionally, this lake has another unique feature- its drainage flows backward, South to North. It is the only lake in the United States to do so. 

The word Keuka comes from an Iroquois word meaning “Canoe Landing”. We think that is the perfect word for this marvelous lake. Paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing are the perfect ways to spend a day exploring Keuka. 

Another wonderful activity to do on your upstate New York lake vacation is to stop into  Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars. The winery is nestled into the rolling hills surrounding Keuka Lake. For a more unusual wine-tasting experience, you could take a Wine Barge History Tour from Hammersport, which is at the south of Keuka Lake. This history tour, covers the local history around wine and also lets you taste a selection of wines made in the Finger Lakes area. Or, visit Keuka Lake State Park, which has spectacular views of Keuka below. Finally, stop into the small upstate New York town of Penn Yan. Located on the north tip of the lake, this sweet town has access to the Keuka Lake Outlet Trail. The trail has 7 miles of scenic views and connects Penn Yan to the town of Dresden on Seneca Lake. 

If you’d like to stay near Lake Keuka, why not consider staying at the Trimmer House B&B? Located in Penn Yan which is on the north tip of the lake, this B&B includes a free breakfast, and has a fireplace in the lobby plus a library so after a day of exploring the lake and wineries you could enjoy unwinding with a book next to the fireplace. The Keuka Lake Outlet Trail is only a 9-minute drive away, so you have easy access to one of the best hikes in the area.

If you’d prefer to book somewhere more private, then why not consider this 3-bedroom house that has views of the lake and is surrounded by some beautiful countryside? Plus, its dog friendly so this is a great place to stay if you’re traveling with your furry friends.

5) Lake Ontario 

When talking about lakes in New York state, we could hardly leave out the Great Lakes. New York has shorelines on both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario is the smallest, yet still has 712 miles of shoreline in upstate New York. Since there is so much to do along Lake Ontario, it is a perfect lake vacation in New York.

While you may want to explore this massive lake on a kayak or canoe, it may be best to leave your boat at home. The Great Lakes are almost like mini oceans, so paddling may not be the best way to experience the Lake. Instead, relax on one of the many beaches, or explore one of the many attractions and natural wonders along its shores. 

  1. Visit Old Fort Niagara. This historic site is open year-round and has live interpreters acting out the livelihoods of those who once lived and worked in the fort. 
  2. See the lighthouse at Golden Hill State Park. The lighthouse is now a museum, featuring information on the lake’s maritime history.
  3. Hike along the spiky drumlins of Chimney Bluffs State Park. There are about 10,000 of these unique formations throughout the park. The best place to view them is from below, along the shores of Lake Ontario. This is one of our favorite beaches in New York State!
  4. Stop into the town of Oswego for some food at Rudy’s while watching the sunset, or take a ghost tour and learn about Oswego’s haunted history. This is where we went to school! You can stay at the Beacon Hotel while visiting this lively town.
  5. Visit Rochester, to visit museums in and around this town such as the Genesee Country Village Museum and the George Eastman Museum. Go shopping at Rochester’s City-run Public Market, or grab a bite to eat at the Swan Market German Deli.

6) Lake Placid & Mirror Lake ★

Lake Placid is one of the most fun upstate New York lakes to visit any time of the year. I adore this lake town in both the winter and summer! However, please note the actual Lake Placid region is a very large body of water broken up into three major sections- Lake Placid, East Lake, and West Lake. Just south of the actual Lake Placid is the town of Lake Placid and a smaller Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake is the most popular one to visit because it’s in the downtown area and close to many of our favorite restaurants and popular things to do in Lake Placid.

I recommend staying at the Mirror Lake Inn (pictured above) which overlooks the lake and has an amazing restaurant. If you come here in the winter, you can actually walk on the frozen lake! And I also recommend staying at the Stagecoach Inn–a rustic and elegant bed and breakfast.

For a more resort experience during your Lake Placid and Mirror Lake vacation, you could also stay at the Whiteface Lodge. This luxurious, cozy cabin in the mountains will take your breath away, and be the perfect basecamp while you explore the nearby lakes. For a super luxurious ($$$$$) and secluded and much quieter ambiance, spend the night at Lake Placid Lodge (pictured above). These are two of our favorite Upstate New York resorts!

7) Lake Minnewaska – Near NYC!

One of the best lakes in NY to visit, Lake Minnewaska is just two hours from New York City. Located in the heart of Minnewaska State Park Preserve, there is a myriad of things you can do while visiting this lake on vacation or a day trip!

First, hike some of the many gorgeous trails found in the Preserve. You’ll be able to see Awosting Falls, a 60 ft waterfall drop cascading into a natural pool. There is no swimming allowed at the falls, but you could swim in the waters of Lake Minnewaska to cool off. You can also bike here, go kayaking, check out the visitor’s center, and end your day at the campground within the park. Or, stay at the Minnewaska Lodge, a holistic hotel designed to connect guests with nature.

8) Skaneateles – The Cleanest Lake in New York! ★

This Finger Lake is the cleanest lake in New York. So clean, in fact, that surrounding towns use its water as unfiltered drinking water. During your New York state lakes vacation, I love staying in the lakeside town of Skaneateles while adventuring on the lake’s waters. Here you can enjoy all kinds of boating in Skaneateles, from kayaking to sailing. You could even book this secluded house that has a beautiful open view of Skaneateles lake, and has access to a dock with two kayaks, paddles, and life jackets provided for you to use during your stay!

Want to explore more of the area? Don’t miss:

  • Hiking in Bear Swamp State Forest
  • Shopping at village boutiques
  • Exploring Dickinson Conservation Area, accessible only by boat
  • Wine tasting at Anyela’s Vineyards
  • Biking the 32-mile circuit around the lake
  • Hidden gem bonus! Staghorn Cliffs has stunning water views that reminded me of Alaska or the Caribbean! It’s also one of New York State’s best paleontological sites. You can only access this from the water. It’s located in the south end of Skaneateles Lake.

After an adventure at one of the best New York lakes, you’ll feel just as crisp and refreshed as Skaneateles’ waters.

9) Saranac Lake ★

Saranac Lake is one of our favorite towns in the Adirondacks to visit. This region has so many hidden gem little lakes- you’ll need a long vacation just to explore them all! For instance, there are three Saranac lakes- Lower, Middle, and Upper. All three are connected by the Saranac River.

Because of these beautiful waterways, Saranac Lake is a paradise for kayakers. Rent or bring along your own kayak, paddleboard, or canoe and begin your adventure. If you’re new at kayaking, I recommend a guided tour with Adirondack Lakes & Trails Outfitters. Or save your energy for some epic hiking trails.

For insanely delicious food, make a reservation at Fiddle Head Bistro. Their menu changes every day because they use fresh and locally sourced ingredients. It’s a pricier restaurant, but it is well worth the taste bud investment! Or head to Ray Brooks Brew House from some absolutely amazing beer and chicken wings.

After a day of lake exploration, stay at The Point. This wilderness resort, full of luxurious amenities and picturesque lake views, will leave you rested and relaxed for another day of maritime fun. You cuold also stay at the Saranac Waterfront Lodge, which is located within walking distance of Lake Flower and driving distance of the three Saranac lakes.

10) Lake Champlain

One of the best lakes in New York, Lake Champlain is the United State’s sixth-largest lake. It also serves as a natural border between New York and Vermont. While on vacation at Lake Champlain, stay at Point Au Roche Lodge. The lodge is on the northern end of the lake, yet centrally located to other attractions. Thus, you’ll be able to make day trips to the High Peaks, Lake Placid, or simply spend your days relaxing by Lake Champlain. 

Or, head south and stay at the Inn in Westport. You’ll love discovering this quaint, hidden gem located right on Lake Champlain’s waters.

11) Canadice Lake

Just south of Rochester, Canadice Lake is the smallest of the Finger Lakes. Furthermore, much of its shoreline is undeveloped. So, this is the place to go if you are hoping for a remote lake vacation. There are formal boat launches for canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and other watercraft. Keep in mind that any watercraft longer than 17 feet, or with a 10-horsepower or more are prohibited. This is because Rochester uses the lake as a water source. 

This lake is perfect for fishing, as the waters and underwater ecosystems remain largely untouched. Furthermore, there are trails around Canadice Lake, too. So, be sure to check out all the recreation that Canadice Lake has to offer.

If you’re staying in Rochester, be sure to try their famed local dish: the garbage plate!

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Rochester you cuold consider staying at Inn on Broadway which is a luxury hotel that has a steakhouse and fitness center. The hotel is well located, within walking distance of many of Rochester’s attractions such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park, and The National Museum of Play.

If you’d like to stay near the lake, you could stay in this peaceful woodsy cabin that sleeps up to 6 people. The lodge, is set in 20 acres of private land with access to a gas grill, game room, lawn games, and more. You’ll be within driving distance of the lake, so after a day of exploring Canadice Lake you can enjoy being surrounded by the beautiful woodland in this secluded private cabin.

12) Schroon Lake

One of the lesser-visited lakes in upstate NY is Schroon Lake. Tucked into the Adirondack Park and northwest of Lake George, this 9-mile long lake has a fabulous beach, fun small town, and surprising culture. This family-friendly destination will be perfect for one of your next lake vacations in NY.

Once, large resorts covered the shoreline of Schroon Lake. Now, with those resorts gone, charming bed and breakfasts are the best places to stay during your lake vacation. Spend a weekend at Schroon Lake Bed and Breakfast, a cozy inn with mountain views. Or, try the Rocky Acres Inn/B&B, with access to hiking and biking. If you’d prefer to book a lake home, you could stay at this Waterfront lake home that is right by Shroon Lake and has it’s a boat dock. You’ll be able to enjoy lake and mountain views, lawn games, a piano, board games, and a cozy wood-burning fireplace.

Spend your days parasailing, waterskiing, or boating on Lake Schroon. Then, should you visit during the Seagle Festival season, spend your evenings enjoying opera and musical theatre.

13) Lake George

Lake George, resting next to a small town of the same name, is another great option for one of your lake vacations in NY. Stay on the lake, yet still in the town, at Georgian Lakeside Resort.

This resort is perfect for your lake vacation. The resort has 350 feet of lakefront with a beach designated only for guests. You’ll also be able to enjoy lakefront dining and boat rentals.

When not at the resort, be sure to try some local wine at Adirondack Winery Lake George Tasting Room. Or, visit the Fort William Henry Museum. There is also a Fort William Henry Hotel nearby, with amazing views of the lake. 

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14) Saratoga Lake ★

Saratoga Lake forms the southeastern edge of Saratoga Springs. Much of the lake’s shoreline is privately owned. So, for a more private experience, try to find a vacation rental right on the water such as this 2 bedroom cottage with a fire pit and kayak. Or, spend your vacation relaxing on Brown’s Beach

When it comes to meals, enjoy lakeside dining at establishments like:

In the wintertime, I LOVED walking on Saratoga Lake and watching people fishing and riding their snowmobiles. It felt like I was in an entirely different country by the arctic. So just know that whether it’s hot or freezing cold, you’ll love visiting this special upstate New York lake.

15) Lake Clear ★

When visiting Lake Clear, our favorite place to stay is Lake Clear Lodge and Retreat. This holistic healing resort rests right on the shores of Lake Clear, and has everything you’d want out of an upstate New York lake vacation. Relax on the resorts’ pristine beach, and enjoy the lake’s clear waters. 

While the resort does have its own hiking trails to explore, you can also hike at Paul Smith’s College VIC. You can also paddle the St. Regis Wilderness Canoe Area. This is the largest wilderness canoe area in the northeastern United States, so you’ll certainly have a lot to discover. 

You could also stay nearby, at Saranac Lake (about 15 minutes drive from Lake Clear) in a Waterfront Lodge. This lodge has an indoor swimming pool and restaurant. It’s also well located, with many of of Saranc Lake’s sights within walking distance such as the Saranac Lake Riverwalk.

16) Owasco Lake

This Finger Lake is almost entirely surrounded by farmland. The lake is also quite small and shallow, which means the waters warm quickly in the summer. Thus, swimming is very popular here. Emerson Park (pictured above) offers a private boat launch for those wishing to waterski or tube. 

At the north end of the lake is the town of Auburn, where you can visit numerous historical sites such as the Harriet Tubman Home. The town of Moravia, on the lake’s southern end, is the gateway of Fillmore Glen State Park. Here, you can explore five waterfalls and deep gorges. 

Auburn is a great place to stay if you want to be near Owasco Lake. You could book this 1 bedroom lodge that has access to a private beach area along the lake. Another option for staying along Owasco Lake is this 3 bedroom lodge, that has a spa bath, gas grill, and is steps away from the lake.

17) Canandaigua Lake

Canandaigua Lake is another one of the lakes upstate New York that is known for its high-quality water. In addition, Canandaigua Lake is also known for its fabulous tourism. During your vacation, be sure to visit the nearby downtown area, and try some local faire. We love Nolan’s on the Lake, which has wonderful seafood options, ideal for this lakefront dining spot. You could also do a tour of local breweries, where you visit 4 different breweries in and around Canandaigua and taste local beers. If you like wine, you could also do the Canandaigua Wine Trail Experience, which covers 4 different wineries in the Finger lakes region.

There is some interesting history on Canandaigua Lake. Most notably, one of only two islands in all eleven Finger Lakes is here. Squaw Island was once a haven for Native Seneca women and children during a terrible attack in 1779. Today, the island is New York’s smallest Fish and Wildlife Management Area. You can kayak or canoe to this island. 

If you’d like to stay somewhere really special on Canandaigua Lake and have access to a private dock, where you can moor your boat then you should consider this amazing 5-bedroom lakehouse (which sleeps up to 14 people plus 2 dogs) that has amazing views over the lake, an acre of land, a porch, and a private road.

If you’re on a lower budget, you should check out this cute Treetop Tiny House that is minutes from Canandaigua. The Treetop house has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a terrace. You’ll be staying in the woods, surrounded by trees and wildlife such as deer.

18) Mohonk Lake 

Just two hours from New York City, Mohonk Lake is one of the most spectacular and exclusive lakes Upstate NY. Recreation on this lake is entirely operated by Mohonk Mountain House, a massive (and beautiful) resort right on the lake.

The resort boasts more than 150 things to do, which makes this one of the ultimate lake vacation getaways. During your stay, you can 

  • Rowboat
  • Fly fish
  • Canoe, kayak and paddleboard
  • Swim at the beach
  • Enjoy a glass of wine while watching a gorgeous New York sunset
  • Spend a day at the spa
  • Hike to Sky Top Tower
  • Rock scramble on boulders and cliffs
  • Swim across Lake Mohonk

Mohonk Mountain House is inclusive, so you’ll be able to experience all of this, and more, with the rate of your stay.

19) Greenwood Lake 

While not typically a destination many think of for an upstate New York lake vacation, Greenwood Lake is the perfect place to relax. Stay at the Waterstone Inn or the Villa Verde B&B. The New Continental Hotel and Restaurant provides a wonderful option for your stay as well.

Spend your days boating, swimming, or simply relaxing on the beach. The best part about visiting Greenwood Lake? It’s less than an hour and a half from New York City. So, be sure to make this a vacation destination- you’ll want to come back!

20) Chautauqua Lake

Sometimes known as the thumb of the Finger Lakes due to its position, Chautauqua Lake was actually formed from separate glacial movements. Thus, it is not one of the Finger Lakes. Furthermore, as one of the highest lakes in North America, it has some truly spectacular views. 

One of the best places to catch these views is at Long Point State Park on Lake Chautauqua. The “long point”, a peninsula that sticks out into Chautauqua Lake, has boat rentals and launches for anyone wanting to spend a day paddling or fishing. There is also an accessible swimming beach here, perfect for laying in the sun or building a sandcastle. 

Off the lake, spend your vacation exploring Chautauqua Gorge State Forest. The 538-acre area has many miles of hiking trails and is a lovely place for a picnic. You can also camp here, both in designated campsites or in primitive, backcountry camping spots. 

If you stay in Jamestown, which is southeast of the lake, you can check out some of Jamestown’s local sights, such as the National Comedy Center and Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum. You could consider booking a lake view room at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel where you can enjoy swimming in either of the two hotel pools, drinking at the bar, or watching the sunset on the lake.

21) Lake Erie

Lake Erie is another Great Lake that shares a shoreline with New York state. There are many fantastic things to see and do along the lake. For instance, Evangola State Park has a natural sandy beach on Lake Erie, contrasting against shale cliffs of Angola above. Lake Erie State Park (pictured above) just 1 sits on high bluffs above Lake Erie and is a great place for bird-watching. 

Visit the Dunkirk Lighthouse, which is still in operation as a lighthouse and a museum.  Swim at local Hamburg Town Beach, and, after a day of touring, devour a picnic at Wendt Beach Park (no swimming allowed). Stop into the  Lake Erie Seaway Trail Visitor Center for more information about things to do near Lake Erie.

If you’d like to stay by Lake Erie, you could stay at the Lakeview on the Lake Hotel near Erie, that has access to a private beach area, with beauitful views across the lake and an outdoor swimming pool.

Whether from the shores of Lake Ontario to one of the Finger Lakes, upstate New York is one of the best places for a lake vacation. Without a doubt, your retreat will include natural wonders, beautiful scenery, and needed relaxation. So, visit the lakes in upstate NY- you will love every minute.

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