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About us

We’re a community on a journey to empower, explore, re-connect and educate via travel, cultural preservation and community initiatives. 

About our projects & efforts

Cultural Preservation

Whether it’s via educational content, workshops, or educational heritage trips we strive to help promote the importance of diversity and cultural preservation in medicine, music, food, farming and much more.

Workshops & Events

In collaboration with community leaders, we host art and cultural workshops to inspire creativity + as meet-ups and speaking events about important socio-cultural topics.

Trips & Retreats

From the Dominican Heritage Tour to the Dominican Alps Retreat we host a number of meaningful trips to the Caribbean that incorporate community, natural wonders, culture, and education. 

Donations & Fundraising

We gather and bring school supplies to rural parts of the Caribbean. And we also fundraise to support human rights.

Community + Connection

Our community values are at the heart of our Caribbean culture are thus a main focus of our trips, advocacy, and partnerships. 


We partner with, hire, and promote business to local entrepreneurs/small businesses while paying fair wages.

“This trip stitched together like-minded, open-hearted, curious and incredible Dominican women from the diaspora and allowed us to question and relearn en communidad. It was powerful.”

– Katherine C.

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