A Love Letter to the Dominican Heritage Tour by Katherine Carol

The Dominican Heritage Tour is a cultural heritage project delving into the cross-cultural influences and deep history of the Caribbean – in the hopes of better understanding and preserving our rich heritage while embracing the country’s natural wonders. This project is of particular importance in today’s increasingly transnational world and for us first-generation hyphenated Americans – who grew up between worlds, yearning to better understand our roots and multicultural values/identities. This project is in collaboration with local entrepreneurs, community leaders, and researchers in the efforts to not connect with but support each other. Below is a reflection of the trip experience by fellow traveler: Katherine Carol.

13 Unique Ways to Connect with Local Culture Abroad Ethically & Sustainably

Cultural heritage is the unique traditions and legacy of a group or society passed down by generations. This includes the arts, gastronomy, medicinal remedies, spirituality, personal values, landmarks, monuments, and more. Cultural tourism can be done a number of ways for an educational and personally enriching experience while helping support the preservation of local heritage and small businesses – if done ethically and sustainably, of course.

Cultural Immersive Travel That Is Ethical & Sustainable Matters
Ethical and sustainable cultural travel can help:Foster positive economic and social impact
Establish and reinforce cultural identity (especially for multicultural/diasporic communities); Preserve cultural heritage – this is important for a number of reasons but especially because social and cultural diversity enriches our perspective on medicine, politics, history, love, science, thought, everyday life, etc.; Promote awareness/understanding among people.

However, cultural heritage tourism can also lead to tensions, problematic tourist behavior, and have detrimental effects on locals. Below are a few examples of mistakes to avoid when traveling in the pursuit of culture (or in general).

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