Email: [email protected] – for brand campaigns, press trips, partnerships, and other collaborations. Read our Partnerships page for more information.

We do not accept 98% of unpaid partnerships. Some exceptions include if they are a social good initiative, supporting small businesses, empower BIPOC efforts, or the press trip destination is on our calendar/bucket list.

[email protected] – for other requests.

We do NOT accept linking, affiliate, nor guest writing pitches. 



If you need 1:1 personalized attention for your travel or bloggubg plans, you can BOOK OUR 1:1 COACHING/CONSULTATION SESSIONS here.

For customized tours email: [email protected] and include your dates, the destination(s) + activities, and budget. Our services for this start at $500/itinerary.

If you have travel questions, leave a public comment on that very blog post or Instagram post, so that everyone benefits from the answer publicly.

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