Meet Gerry, the founder of Dominican Abroad – a media company with approximately half a million monthly readers and followers.

Gerry inspires meaningful travel, celebrates cultural heritage, explores natural wonders, showcases unique experiences, and amplifies BIPOC voices and histories.

Our website offers comprehensive travel, culture, and lifestyle guides. While our social media accounts have a combined fast-growing community almost 300,000 followers thanks to our team’s creative storytelling through videos and stunning photography; providing both enjoyment and education to our highly engaged community.

With extensive experience collaborating with esteemed brands and tourism boards, Dominican Abroad has successfully executed several brand sponsorships and campaigns, creating high-quality branded content that often goes viral. 

Our work has garnered recognition in publications such as the New York Times, Forbes, Oprah Magazine, National Geographic, among many others. 

In addition to our online presence, we extend our social impact through amplifying BIPOC stories, community-building workshops, and experiences. Our commitment to cultural heritage preservation has even led us to create the widely acclaimed Dominican Heritage Tour.

Follow the exciting adventures of @DominicanAbroad from New York State to around the world.



GERRY’s Background

Gerry is a first-generation, born-and-raised New Yorker hailing from the Bronx!

In her unwavering pursuit of amplifying diverse voices in media and travel, she established DOMINICAN ABROAD, a powerful platform that has resonated with audiences worldwide. With an ever-growing community of over 400,000 monthly readers + social media followers, Gerry’s trailblazing work has become a testament to the hunger for diverse voices in media.

While Gerry proudly calls NYC her home, she remains deeply rooted in her Caribbean heritage, infusing her cultural background, showing people how to travel meaningfully, highlighting natural wonders, cultural gems (including art, food, movies, and books), and other unique experiences.

Gerry’s inspiring story also goes beyond her professional achievements. Despite her autoimmune disease, chronic allergies, and asthma, she actively manages these physical disabilities to still enjoy travel and the outdoors.

Today, she is based out of beautiful Brooklyn, has visited over 50 countries, and speaks 2.5 languages. 


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