Blueberry Picking Near NYC: A Relaxing Visit to the Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley is brimming with hiking trails, waterfalls, and many other outdoor excursions that can help nourish our quarantined souls. Due to our new socially distanced way of living and the understandable limitations on travel, New Yorkers are now looking for socially distanced outdoor activities near New York City. And what better way to finish a perfect day hiking, and/or a refreshing swim by a local waterfall, than to visit a local family-owned farm for some fruit picking on your way back home?

After visiting the Peekamoose Blue Hole early in the morning, we went for lunch in the amazing town of Woodstock and then finished our day with some blueberry picking. The Hudson Valley provides for some of the best day trips from NYC and one of many East Coast getaways!

Blueberry Picking Near NYC: The Experience

Blueberries are one of the easiest fruits to pick and store. They have a shelf life of 2+ weeks in the fridge. And in addition to being versatile for various recipes (jams, pancakes, muffins, pies, etc), they also taste delicious as-is. Blueberries also offer several nutritional benefits and are ranked as one of the top fruits for antioxidants.

Upon arrival to the Greig Farm, you’ll be greeted by an attendee who will offer you buckets based on your size of preference. The blueberries cost $4 a pound so filling up the one I have above costs about $5.

There is no specific technique when it comes to blueberry picking but there are pleasantly surprising grounding and calming elements to this experience. You’ll have rows and rows of blueberry fields (and other fruits depending on the season you visit) all to yourself. You can examine each and every berry to your perfection as you fill your bucket with delicious blueberries.

This excursion is perfect for socially distancing and reconnecting to nature while eating some healthy fruits. This farm is also dog friendly!

Did you know? It takes 7-10 years for a blueberry bush to reach full maturity.

Fruit Picking Varies By Season

Remember that fruits vary by season for when you can harvest them. Blueberries are July and August. And since New York is known for its plentiful farms (from vineyards to cheese), you could schedule a year-round calendar of crops to harvest in New York.

Here is the New York crop harvesting calendar.

Please note: the best time of the day to visit the farms for blueberry picking is before/after the sun is fully ablaze, especially in the summertime.

About Greig Farm

Greig Farm is a third-generation family-owned farm in Red Hook, New York. Their farm dates back to 1942 when it began with fruit and dairy. Today you can pick your own apples, pumpkins, strawberries, asparagus, and blackberries.

Don’t forget to also stop by the Greig Farm Market to try some of their delicious apple cider donuts. Oh, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be greeted by goats there too!

Location: 263 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, New York – a picturesque town with a quaint charm. Check out: things to do in Red Hook.

Cost: Free to enter and you pay for what you pluck.

Hours: 8AM to 8PM

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Apple Picking Near NYC

If you’re visiting NYC in October, it will be too late to go blueberry picking but you can always go apple picking instead! You could consider this tour which takes you to Pennings Orchard, which is located in the Hudson Valley.

You’ll be able to pick 10 pounds of apples and choose from different varieties. After picking your apples, you’ll get to enjoy a glass of cider from the farms Cidery, and buy food (such as pizza) for your lunch. This tour includes round-trip transportation from NYC and one glass of cider.

Book this tour here.

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