15 Inspiring Latina Travel Bloggers to Discover Now

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We all know how overwhelming it can be to plan a trip, let alone choose the perfect next destination! And if you’re a Latina traveler, the added layers of identity, especially marginalized ones, can make the journey feel more profound with questions like– Will I be safe traveling to X country? How do I relate as a multicultural traveler? Are women of color treated with respect? What’s it like solo traveling back to my family’s country? Etc.

If only there were some Latina travelers who have nuanced and enriching experiences within the travel industry… if only a directory existed for you to easily find them! Well, friends, welcome to 15 Inspiring Latina Travel Bloggers to discover now! Yes, right now.

These travel bloggers have a wealth of resources not just on social media but also on their blog websites, with articles and travel guides for you to enjoy.

Seatbelts on because we’re about to take off! 

US-Hispanic Travel Industry

Pssst… Did you know? The U.S. Census data shows that Hispanic Latinos make up 18% of the USA population. We have immense buying power, especially in travel. Specifically, $1.5 trillion in buying power with $73 billion spent on travel in 2018, according to Hispanic Market Monitor.

Top Latina Travel Bloggers

Gerry Isabelle (Dominican Abroad) 

Gerry Isabelle, aka Dominican Abroad, is a Dominican New Yorker, full-time blogger, and content creator. While her blog spans a variety of travel guides, tips, and experiences, what makes Dominican Abroad so special is the emphasis on educational and responsible cultural learning. Especially about one of the Caribbean’s most popular tourist destinations: the Dominican Republic (where her family is from).

She also offers great travel advice covering New York State’s hidden gems. And, she created the popular Dominican Heritage Tour to help Dominican-Americans reconnect with their cultural heritage. You can tell Gerry knows who she is and where her roots are.

Follow her on Instagram and TikTok so you don’t miss out on some great travel, culture, and lifestyle insights!

Olivia Christine (O Christine)

Olivia Christine, of O. Christine, is a Bronx-born Afro Latina who brings wellness and a health-conscious approach to her travel blogging. As someone with an autoimmune disease– lupus – she uses her personal life experience to encourage folks with autoimmune issues to live their best, adventurous, travel life. Namely, she offers online courses to coach travelers with immune diseases on how to “get outdoors” without triggering immense pain or straining their bodies.

Her blog is organized in a way that allows beginner travelers to discover their travel styles based on theme rather than destination. Like her Instagram bio says, she’s all about helping you live well, travel more, and get outdoors!

Carol Cain (Girl Gone Travel)

New Yorkers, listen up! Carol Cain aka Girl Gone Travel, is going to give you the travel tea about New York State destinations. She’s recently relocated to the Finger Lakes in upstate New York and has been sharing her experience and favorite local activities on Instagram.

Once you got your NYS travel figured out, check out the rest of her content that expands into the world, with travel tips for countries across six different continents, and reflections spanning from Peru to Palestine.

Not only is Carol an award-winning travel blogger, but she is also the owner of Brave World Media, a communications, social media marketing, and branding agency.

Jessica van Dop deJesus (Dining Traveler)

If you’re like me, then you probably want to travel the world so you can taste the world. Lucky for us, Jessica van Drop de Jesus has created the Dining Traveler, a blog dedicated to sharing food recipes from a mixture of exotic places across the six continents. You also get access to dish recommendations from all corners of the world. Without leaving your bed, the Dining Traveler is able to transport you to magical, tasty, real places.

Her blog is organized into three sections: Travel, Jessica’s life in DC, and Food and Wine, and her Instagram is a beautiful mirror into her food, family, and travel-abundant life!

  • Based: D.C
  • Blog: diningtraveler.com
  • Instagram: @diningtraveler, (15,000 followers)
  • Tik Tok: @diningtraveler (4,000 followers)
  • Latin American Heritage: Puerto-Rican 🇵🇷

Jen Ruiz (Jen on a Jet Plane)

“Quit law to travel.” And we’re so glad she did! Jen Ruiz, aka Jen on a Jet Plane, is an award-winning author, TEDx Speaker, and Hispanic travel blogger and content creator. With gorgeous reels upon reels that offer a look into the several countries she’s visited, Jen provides encouragement for those looking to pivot into a travel-oriented lifestyle. From Kazakhstan to Argentina and New Zealand, Jen on a Jet Plane’s blog is sure to keep you informed on the gems, customs, and scenic landscapes of your next travel destination.

Keep an eye out for her memoir, “12 Trips in 12 Months,” coming soon to a reading device near you.

Stephanie Flor (Around the World Beauty) 

Stephanie Flor is the founder of Around the World Beauty, a beauty and travel blog that emphasizes the rich cultural stories of beauty around the world. Her blog and online business are designed to provide beauty tips and natural skin care products, while offering Global Beauty tours that invite women to explore the history and rituals of beauty in several different countries– Morocco, India, and Bali, to name a few.

Her website also outlines the dates for upcoming all-inclusive beauty tours in Guatemala and Costa Rica, in 2022 and 2023, respectively. So if you’re looking for a deeply intentional connection to your travel experience, make sure to check out her blog.

Taima (Poor in a Private Plane)

Taima says it best on her lifestyle blog: “I am a regular girl with a 9 to 5 and bills to be paid, but that doesn’t stop me from living my best life.” This blog has so much valuable insight into how to travel without breaking the bank or quitting your job. Her blog features articles for areas like Hudson Valley, NY, Alaska, and other gorgeous domestic destinations. She also shares recommendations and advice for travel from Western Europe and the UK!

With some Instagram highlights and reels spotlighting the married life and her husband, Poor in A Private Plane has great suggestions for couples interested in finding the perfect bae-cation.

Dani Ramos (No Hurry to Get Home)

If I were traveling the world and learning about myself along the way, I’d be in no hurry to get home either! In 2017, at 19 years old and with just $1,000, Dani Ramos of No Hurry to Get Home booked a one-way ticket to Madrid and never looked back. Ever since, she’s traveled to several destinations in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Her luxurious travel-related Instagram stories will definitely give you FOMO, but it might also give you a push to get up and get out there! Let Dani’s platform serve as inspiration to live your wildest travel dreams. The wide scenic shots of the places she’s visited make you feel like you’re almost right there, too!

S. Marlene (Deafinitely Wanderlust)

No, that isn’t a typo in the header. What makes Deafinitely Wanderlust so special, is that it’s a travel blog dedicated to inspiring Deaf and disabled folks to travel. Marlene also shares necessary content on how to NOT treat Deaf people, providing invaluable information on how to be more inclusive and considerate of people with disabilities. As she mentions on her blog, “it’s not being Deaf that makes traveling difficult. It’s the negative notion and attitude toward deafness and the world being universally designed for abled and hearing people.”

The Deafinitely Wanderlust Instagram contains gorgeous photos, captioned travel reflections, and peeks into a vast world that we all belong to and should be encouraged to explore.

Travel Latina 

Travel Latina founder: Alexandra Tracy

Ya’ll, this is the AVENGERS of Latinx travel. This diverse group of Latina influencers runs a trilingual travel community and digital publication. Their Instagram page is a goldmine of all things travel, from niche memes and the politics of travel to experience reflections and tips on accessibility for aspiring BIPOC travelers. Travel Latina is the mecca of travel-related information and stories for Latinx women and gender-non-conforming folk seeking nuanced expertise on how to start traveling the world.

They also facilitate small-scale meet-ups and organize retreats to places like Vermont and Jamaica. Shout out to all the contributors of Travel Latina for creating this necessary digital community!

Flavia Cornejo (Latina Traveler)

Flavia Cornejo is a Peruvian-American Latina travel blogger who is all about solo female travel and how to live life abroad, especially in Europe. Alongside sharing tips on budgeting, traveling sustainably, and things to do while in 32+ countries, Flavia excels at her resource sharing with other Latina travelers, and offers insight into how to become a digital nomad.

Her ultimate goal? To give women of color the tools and confidence to travel solo! Her Instagram highlights and reels are a goldmine of information, visuals, and down-to-earth travel content worthy of your viewing!

Brenda Mejia (Traveleira)

Brenda Mejia’s platform, Traveleira, is a multilingual haven of helpful travel tips by a solo female traveler from Puerto Rico! Her blog has Spanish-language insights about travel in places like Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

What makes the Traveleira Instagram and Tiktok so helpful is Brenda’s insight into collecting travel points and miles with and without a credit card, doing research on different airlines, and self-reflective travel prompts meant to show you how to start traveling.

Gloria Apara (Nomadic Chica)

Gloria Apara is a proud Chilena currently living in Germany. On her platform, Nomadic Chica, she offers glimpses into her tasteful and luxurious adventures around the world. Alongside being a travel blogger, she’s also a writer and podcaster. You might be reading or listening from home, but her content will take you from Croatia to Sri Lanka!

With an Instagram that shares responsible tourism tips, Nomadic Chica is an excellent and informative platform for folks eager to travel and learn about the countries they want to visit. And the photos of her destinations are an absolute visual treat! 

Monica Ortega (Monica Goes Show)

Are you a US-based Latina traveler or aspiring traveler who wants to check out the best adventure destinations the US has to offer? Then go follow the Monica Goes Show! Multifaceted content creator Monica Ortega focuses on outdoor and adventure travel sure to get you out of your comfort zone, with activity itineraries for states like Colorado, Montana, Arizona, North Dakota, California, and Idaho.

Another gem from this blog are her reflections on traveling while pregnant, a perspective we definitely need to see more! Her Youtube videos are generous insights into US-based travel that will open your eyes to the abundant travel possibilities in places you might not be thinking about!

  • Based: United States
  • Blog: monicagoes.com
  • Instagram: @monicagoesshow (22.4k followers)
  • Youtube: Monica Goes (5K followers)
  • Latin American Heritage: Mexican 🇲🇽

Olga Maria (Dreams in Heels)

Dreams in Heels encourages us to be luxurious AND cost-effective. Olga Maria is a solo female traveler from Puerto Rico with an excellent budget and luxury travel blog. From planning the perfect budget-friendly trip, to lifestyle tips while traveling, Dreams in Heels has travel recommendations, guidance, and ideas for all kinds of solo female adventure travelers, regardless of whether they’re a beginner or expert. Olga Maria is also the founder of @latinaswhotravel, a bilingual community that inspires and unites Latinas to travel the world. And the heels are always on point! Her blog features a super helpful travel essentials shop and lifestyle section. 

  • Based: Mexico
  • Blog: dreamsinheels.com
  • Instagram: @dreamsinheels, (31,000 followers)
  • Tik Tok: @dreamsinheels, (1k followers)
  • Latin American Heritage: Puerto Rican and Cuban 🇵🇷

Dear reader, we hope discovering all the possibilities for life-changing travel from these diverse Latinx travel writers and influencers is the encouragement you need to start your own adventures. If these inspiring Latina bloggers teach us anything, it’s that TRAVEL IS POSSIBLE for us! With a firm budget, the travel essentials, research, self-trust, and strong networks, you can also book that flight, hop on that plane, and see the world. 

About the Author: Greisy genao

Greisy Genao (she/they) is a poet and filmmaker from Queens, NY, with a BA in English Writing and Film Studies. As a Fulbright U.S. Student Researcher, she has conducted research on Dominican folklore and film in the Dominican Republic. Their award-winning film work has been celebrated across the Dominican diaspora and praised at film festivals from Santo Domingo to New York City. Follow Greisy on Instagram @Grei-mg.

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