31 Beautiful Waterfalls in Tennessee to Explore

a cascade of waterfalls with blue water

Waterfalls in Tennessee are some of the most beautiful in all the Eastern United States. They are nestled into lush forests and splash against striking rocks. And, they’re not very difficult to reach, unlike many other top waterfalls in the USA. The highest concentration of waterfalls is in East Tennessee near Chattanooga and Gatlinburg. But there also many are lovely waterfalls near Nashville to choose from. 

There are at least 874 waterfalls within Tennessee, so it’s easy to find at least one to visit during your trip. Many of these waterfalls flow through some of Tennessee’s 56 state parks, which also provide hiking trails, swimming holes, and other means for a wonderful adventure. Check out our list of the most beautiful and best waterfalls in Tennessee to visit.

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Best Time to Visit Tennessee for Waterfalls

Spring: Overall, the best time to visit Tennessee waterfalls is in the spring. This is when the winter snows melt, leading to higher water volume over the falls. But, if you can’t make it during the spring, it’s best to visit between March and November. Really, each season brings its own benefits and disadvantages, and what wins out will be what is important to you. 

Summer: If you want to swim or relax in a waterfall’s spray, then summer is the time to go. This is because temperatures in Tennessee get hot and humid in the peak summer months, which make waterfalls the perfect place to stop during a hike.

Fall: If you enjoy autumn colors, consider fall for your Tennessee waterfall adventure. It will be too chilly to swim, but the weather will be perfect for strenuous exercise.

Winter: Lastly, winter is the best time to visit if you like the solitude of these popular spots. When the snow falls, the waterfalls will freeze. This gives a once-a-year view of these unique places. Remember, always be careful of icy rocks and trails along the way.

Waterfalls Near Nashville, Tennessee

Jackson Falls 

Jackson Falls is a part of the Natchez Trace Parkway, near Duck River, Tennessee. The Natchez Trace is a 444-mile scenic drive that follows an old forest trail. Sections of the Natchez Trace are hikeable and make up the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail. Jackson Falls is one of the trail’s most popular sites. 

To reach Jackson Falls, locate milepost 404.7. There is a parking lot and bathroom facility here. From there, the short hike to reach the falls is only 900 feet long. But, this trail is steep. At the end of the trail, you will see the clear pool at the bottom of Jackson Falls. You can explore the area and even get your feet wet.

  • Entrance: Always FREE, and always open
  • Hike: Strenuous 1,800-foot hike round trip
  • Nearest town: Duck River, Tennessee

Blue Hole Falls

Blue Hole Falls waterfall along Stoney Creek in Tennessee

Bluehole Falls is situated along the Duck River, though it is about 100 miles away from Jackson Falls and the town of Duck River. It is one of two waterfalls at Old Stone Fort State Archeological Park. This area was never really home to a fort. Rather, it was built and used by Native Americans for about 500 years around 2000 years ago. Native Americans used the wall of the “fort” as a ceremonial gathering place. When you visit today, you will be able to take a look at dioramas and exhibits in the Visitor Center.

Bluehole Falls tumbles 30 feet in an almost fairytale-like setting. To get there, you can either follow the 0.85 mile Nature Trail from the park’s campground or take the 1.4-mile Enclosure Trail. The second trail leads you past Big Falls, the second waterfall in the park, as well as the Ancient Enclosure.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Hike: 0.85 miles from the campground or 1.40 mile loop around the ancient wall
  • Nearest town: Manchester, Tennessee

Machine Falls

Towards the southern end of Tennessee, Machine Falls is midway between Chattanooga and Nashville. This waterfall is a part of Short Springs, a 420-acre natural area hidden gem. To reach the falls, you will need to follow the Machine Falls trail. During your hike, you will see black shale rock, mountain laurel, and a canopy of dry oak hickory forest. Short Springs Natural Area is one of the best places in all of Tennessee to catch springtime wildflowers in bloom. 

Once at Machine Falls, you will see a 60-foot cascade that is almost as wide as it is tall. There is no camping or fishing here, but you will enjoy a rustic adventure. Continue on the trail to see Upper and Lower Busby Falls, too.

  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Hike: Moderate 5-mile loop
  • Nearest Town: Tullahoma, Tennessee

Rutledge Falls

Rutledge Falls is also about halfway between Nashville and Chattanooga and is very near to Machine Falls. Except, you won’t need to do a 5-mile hike to see it. This waterfall is very accessible, located right across from a church that is off Interstate 24. The hike down to the falls is short and steep, but nothing even a beginner can’t handle. 

You can picnic and explore to your heart’s content at Rutledge. Its biggest draw is its icy-cold water. Year-round, the water remains chilly, making it the perfect place for a cooling off after a hot, Tennessee summer day.

  • Entrance: Free
  • Hike to Falls: 0.6 mile round trip, moderately difficult
  • Nearest Town: Tullahoma, Tennessee

Cane Creek Waterfalls

a waterfall during sunset

Fall Creek Falls State Park is a hidden gem on the Eastern edge of the Cumberland Plateau. The prized gem here is the stunning 256-foot waterfall of Fall Creek Falls. The park is also home to many other waterfalls, including Piney Falls, Cane Creek Falls, and Cane Creek Cascades.

You can admire Cane Creek Falls from a pair of overlooks or walk down a dramatic path to its base. Additionally, you can also see Cane Creek Cascades from a swinging suspension bridge over the falls.

  • Hike: Easy, .04 miles
  • Nearest Town: Pikeville, Tennessee

Stillhouse Hollow Falls

This is the perfect hiking trail for beginner hikers. The Stillhouse Falls State Natural Area is only 90 acres but is extraordinary nonetheless. Hike the short 1.2 miles to Stillhouse Hollow Falls to see the stunning 75-foot waterfall and deep hollow that it forms. You’ll also cross an overlook and the small creek that flows into the waterfall. 

  • Hike: 1.2 miles (easy)
  • Nearest town: Mount Pleasant, Tennessee

Tennessee Waterfalls Near Chattanooga

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is the least remote of all the waterfalls on our list. In fact, it’s one of the most popular Chattanooga tourist attractions. Ruby Falls’ most unique feature is that it is located underground inside Lookout Mountain.

Visitors must purchase tickets online. This ticket will get you a guided tour to Ruby Falls which begins with a 260- foot elevator descent. When you get to the bottom, you will see the largest waterfall located underground open to the public in the entire United States. It is also the United State’s deepest commercial cave. And lastly, it is surrounded by amazing natural wonders, like rock formations.

For a fun twist, you can also experience this on a Lantern Tour, where the only lights in the cavern are the handheld lanterns of tour participants.

  • Entrance Fee: $23 Adult; $13 Child
  • Nearest Town: Chattanooga, Tennessee

South Cumberland State Park

South Cumberland State Park is less than 50 miles from downtown Chattanooga. This enormous state park is made up of almost 31,000 acres of Tennessee wilderness. It’s broken up into several distinct areas over four counties. These areas are:

  1. The Fiery Gizzard Trail
  2. Savage Gulf State Natural Area
  3. Grundy Forest State Natural Area
  4. Grundy Lakes
  5. Denny Cove
  6. Carter State Natural Area, or Lost Cove
  7. Sewanee Natural Bridge State Natural Area
  8. Hawkins Cove State Natural Area
  9. Sherwood Forest
  10. Foster Falls

There are many waterfalls throughout the park. These include 80-foot Horsehair Falls, 50-foot Suter Falls, 30-foot Boardtree Falls, 25-foot Horsepound Falls, and others that we will feature in our next few listings. After all, each one of these waterfalls is truly amazing. 

  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • See map of trailheads here.
  • Nearest Town: Monteagle, TN

Ranger Creek Falls (Also South Cumberland State Park)

Continue a trip north from Foster Falls to reach Ranger Falls, also within the Savage Gulf State Natural Area. Its most unique feature is a natural sink, formed by limestone. That’s right- Ranger Creek Falls’ pristine waters disappear into the ground beneath its cascade. 

It’s not difficult to reach these falls, though, the short hike can be connected to create a through-hike adventure. There are many different spots you can start your hike from, so here is an excellent map to get your bearings.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Hike to waterfall: 0.40 miles, moderate
  • Nearest Town: Altamont, Tennessee

Foster Falls

Foster Falls is only 36 miles away from Chattanooga. This waterfall has its very own dedicated recreation area, though it is a part of the massive South Cumberland State Park. When you visit, you will be able to view Horsehair Falls at the same time. 

Here, you will not only be able to enjoy views of the 60-foot waterfall but also camp nearby. While you explore your surroundings, you can hike both to the top of the falls and to the base of it, via a suspension bridge. You can also rock climb here, but you need a permit.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Hike to waterfall: 2-mile loop
  • Nearest Town: Sequatchie, TN

Greeter Falls (Also South Cumberland State Park)

While visiting South Cumberland, you may want to consider a stop at Greeter Falls, too. This cascade is a part of Savage Gulf State Natural Area, one of Tennessee’s most beautiful wilderness areas. There are four parking lots and over fifty miles of hiking trails near Greeter Falls, as well as picnic areas and places for backcountry camping. 

The majestic Greeter Falls itself has a 50-foot drop. To see it, you will only need to complete a short hike. Along this hike, you will first see the upper falls, which cascade just 15 feet before forming a pool and falling into Greeter Falls just a bit downstream. 

If you really want an adventure, you can connect your hike to Greeter Falls to other impressive sights in the area. One is another glorious waterfall, Laurel Falls. You will also see the Stone Door, a 100-foot deep crack in the Smoky Mountains that you can walk through.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Initial Hike to Greeter Falls: 1 mile, moderate
  • Extended Adventure:  9.4 mile loop, moderate
  • Nearest Town: Alamont, Tennessee

Fiery Gizzard Trail / Blue Hole Falls

The Fiery Gizzard Trail runs from Tracy City, TN to Foster Falls. It is 12.5 miles long, and is one of the top hiking trails in the entire United States. 

Of course, along the way, you can see more Tennessee waterfalls. These include Hanes Hole Falls (5 feet tall) and Blue Hole Falls (10 feet tall) on the Grundy Forest Day Loop, which can be done in a short 2 miles. 

If you continue on, you will see Sycamore Falls (12 feet tall) and Yellow Pine Falls (about 10 feet tall). Finally, at the end of the hike is Foster Falls. The whole hike is well worth a trip, with a campground on either end. So, you can hike 12.5 miles on the way, camp, and hike back. 

  • Entrance Fee: None, but you will need a permit for backcountry camping. Purchase this at the Visitor Center.
  • Hike to Waterfall: Total 12.5 miles, can be broken up
  • Nearest Town: Tracy, TN

Lula Lake Falls

Lula Lake Falls is one of the closest to Chattanooga, but is technically in Georgia. Still, a short drive of fewer than ten miles means it’s included in our list of waterfalls in Tennessee.

Lula Lake Falls is a part of the Lula Lake Land Trust, which is a nonprofit organization. So, there are specific days that it is open to the public. Public Access Dates are the first and last Saturdays and Sundays of each month. Reservations are required, one per parking space. Admission fees go directly back into the conservancy of this area. Finally, note that Lula Lake has specific hours, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. And, you cannot enter past 2:00 p.m.

Lula Lake is crisscrossed with hiking trails all over Lookout Mountain. Their easiest hike is over 4 miles long and leads visitors to and from the falls. The falls themselves are a 120-foot free fall, as well as two tumbling waterfalls and a gorgeous 20-foot waterfall that cascades into a deeply blue-green lake.
Lula Lake offers private tours along some of their trails. You will need to email to inquire about this unique opportunity.

  • Entrance Fee: $16/ reservation
  • Length of easiest hike: 4 miles
  • Nearest Town: Chattanooga, TN

High Falls

Also on Georgia’s Lookout Mountain, even closer to Chattanooga, is Rock City Gardens. This 4100-foot trail leads visitors past rock formations, caves, and gardens. The Garden’s most delightful attraction is High Falls, or Lover’s Leap, which cascades against a dramatic backdrop of rock, field, and trees. This waterfall is artificial, but the views are still gorgeous. Other attractions at Rock City Gardens include a smaller man-made waterfall along the Enchanted Trail, a spot where you can see 7 states at once, and 7 art installations within the gardens itself.

There are other attractions here, like the Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village, that are a bit more like a tourist trap than a natural adventure. So, come to Rock City Gardens for the spectacular views, but be wary; this is not your typical rustic outdoor Tennessee adventure.

Furthermore, reservations are required, and walk-up tickets are limited. So, be sure to purchase your timed-entry reservation online before arrival. Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Entrance Fee: $24.95/adult, $14.95/child
  • Length of trail: 4,100 feet
  • Nearest Town: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Middle Tennessee Waterfalls

Burgess Falls State Park

Burgess Falls cascades out of the aptly named Falling Water River, just about 2 hours east of Nashville. There are four waterfalls here. The highest waterfall in the park plunges 130 feet. Gray, rocky bluffs line the side of the waterfalls for a striking effect in this natural area. While visiting Burgess Falls State Park, you can fish, swim, bird watch, or hike one of two trails that go through the park. 
One of the best ways to experience Burgess Falls is to take a local tour. The tour begins with a drive from downtown Nashville. Once at the park, your guide will lead you on a hike to the falls and provide snacks and water. The day covers five to seven hours, all for only $50 per person.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • See the Falls: Observation Deck or Strenuous 0.8 mile River Trail
  • Nearest Town: Baxter, Tennessee

Rock Island State Park 

Rock Island State Park is also just under two hours east of Nashville. The park is made up of a gorge at the confluence of the Caney Fork, Collins, and Rocky Rivers. As you can imagine, that’s a ton of water flowing through this natural waterpark. The park has a natural sand beach on Center Hill Lake, perfect for a dip in the gorge followed by a picnic. 

This park has nine hiking trails and numerous historical sites. There is also a dam, which releases additional water at any time. You should never jump into water of unknown depths, and leave the gorge immediately if the water rises or you hear sirens. Pay attention to water levels while hiking or relaxing in the gorge. 

In addition to trails and historical sites, there are three major waterfalls. One is Great Falls Dam itself. Blue Hole is another, which seeps out of the rock creating a wet, tropical vibe at the bottom of its cascade. Twin Falls is the most majestic at 80 feet tall. Twin Falls isn’t a natural waterfall, but an effect of the dam. It’s creation was accidental.

  • Entrance: FREE
  • Hike: Strenuous, 1 mile round trip
  • See Twin Falls: Twin Falls Overlook, or hike moderate 1.7 mile round trip Downstream Trail for views of Blue Hole, Twin Falls, and more.
  • See Great Falls Dam:  From the Historic Cotton Mill along the main road
  • Nearest town: Rock Island, Tennessee

Fall Creek Falls State Park

Fall Creek Falls State Park is only one hour north of Chattanooga. The main waterfall here is Fall Creek Falls. It is one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern US, at 256 feet tall. It plunges dramatically in the middle of a deep hole, showing a unique and breathtaking effect. There are countless other waterfalls within the park to find, too. Really, you can plan to spend an entire vacation within this park, as it has a brand new lodge, campsite, camping cabins, and more.

Activities here include rock climbing (by registration only), boating, swimming, hiking, biking, fishing, and even golf. 

  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Hike type: Easy 0.4 mile, can be connected with other trails
  • Nearest Town: Pikeville, Tennessee

Cummins Falls State Park

When you visit Cummins Falls State Park, you will need a permit to visit the base of the main waterfall. This waterfall is 75 feet tall and is Tennessee’s eighth largest waterfall, according to water volume. You can view the waterfall from above at the overlook, where there is also a parking lot, restrooms, trailheads, and a picnic area. But, to see the waterfall from its base, you must journey into the gorge. This area is only open on days with good weather, due to safety risks and possible flash flooding. Keep in mind there are no refunds or date changes allowed.

A visit into the gorge is strenuous. Children under 5 should not enter the gorge, and children between 5 and 12 must wear life jackets and adventure with an adult. To get to the waterfall, you will need to experience a strenuous hike, swimming and wading through water, climbing rocks, and watching for slippery areas.

  • Gorge Permit: $6.00/person
  • Hike: easy 0.9 miles round trip (to the overlook) or a strenuous 1-1.5 miles to base of waterfall (with steep terrain).
  • Nearest Town: Cookeville, Tennessee

East Tennessee Waterfalls

Bald River Falls 

Bald River Falls is found in the Cherokee National Forest. The falls are 90 feet high and are the perfect place to get amazing waterfall photographs. To view this waterfall, you have two options. First, you can see it from your car about 6 miles past the Ranger Station. Or, you can hike through the Bald River Gorge. This trail, #88, is 5.6 miles one way. All told, roundtrip is 11.2 miles. If you’re up for it, you can complete the whole thing in one day, make plans to be picked up at Forest Road 126, or backcountry camp.  

If you do plan to follow this hike, you will explore high ridgelines, sheer cliffs, and thick forest. Keep your eyes peeled for bears, beavers, and wild boars. If you’re especially adventurous, and have the right gear, you can even drink the water out of the stream (filter and sterilize first) and catch fish for food. 

  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Hike: 11.2 miles moderate, but difficult due to length (through the gorge)
    • Hike to the base of the waterfall:  Two routes, one 1 miles and the other 1.5 miles.
    • Both are strenuous with steep terrain.
  • Nearest Town: Tellico Plains, Tennessee

Benton Falls

Benton Falls is also hidden deep within the Cherokee National Forest in the Chilhowee Recreation Area. This cascade is 65 feet tall over rambling rocks. To reach the falls, you will need to start at the lake. McCamy Lake is great for fishing, or relaxing on the sandy beach in the summer. There is a campground in the area too, as well as 25 miles of hiking trails and countless mountain overlooks. So, you can spend an entire weekend here exploring, enjoying a lake vacation, or simply soaking up the Tennessee mountain air.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Hike: 3 mile round trip, easy.
  • Nearest Town: Benton, Tennessee

Emory Gap Falls and DeBord Falls

These two waterfalls in Tennessee are located in Frozen Head State Park and Natural Area. This park has over 24,000 acres of mountains and forests to explore. Over 50 hiking trails allow visitors to explore almost wherever they wish. 

One such hiking trail allows you to see two waterfalls, Emory Gap Falls and DeBord Falls. To get close to DeBord Falls, you will need to descend a wooden staircase. The falls are small, but have two beautiful tiers. To get up close and personal to Emory Gap Falls, you will need to do some rock scrambling. This adventure won’t be too extreme, just be careful in case the rocks are slippery. Then, make sure to get some great pictures of your adventure.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Hike to Falls: 3.2 miles, easy hike – bring the kids!
  • Nearest Town: Wartburg, TN

Ozone Falls 

Ozone Falls can be found in a tiny, 43-acre  State Natural Area. This site is extremely popular, so anticipate crowds whenever you plan your visit. Ozone Falls plunges 110 feet from a natural rock amphitheater. When you arrive, you will be able to get exceedingly close to the waters’ spray. You will also be able to continue your adventure with a short .75 mile hike to a rock house called Gambler’s Den. This hike is rugged, while the initial hike from the parking lot is moderate. 

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Hike to Falls: 0.3 miles, moderate
  • Nearest Town: Crossville, TN

Honey Creek Loop Waterfall 

The Honey Creek Loop Trail is located in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area of the Cumberland River. It covers 125,000 acres of the Cumberland Plateau. There is a large trail system here, and the Honey Creek Loop is considered one of its most difficult paths. The 5.5 mile loop may not seem like much, but it can take 5 hours to finish. This is because you will have to traverse boulders and creeks, crawl through tunnels, and stop often to soak in amazing views of cliff faces, rock houses, and overlooks. 
Honey Creek Falls itself sits in a small hollow, so you will have to keep a lookout during your adventure to not miss it. It falls into a calm pool. In spring, or other times when the water is high, you may even be able to catch a second waterfall during this hike, too. 

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Hike to Falls: 3.2 miles, easy- bring the kids!
  • Nearest Town: New River, TN

Virgin Falls Hike

Virgin Falls has its very own state natural area dedicated to it. Even though it’s a small area- only 1,157 acres- there are several waterfalls in addition to 110-foot high Virgin Falls, caves, and picturesque streams. Virgin Falls’ source bursts from one of these caves, and disappears into the ground immediately after.

The Virgin Falls Hike is an adventure much like Honey Creek Loop. It’s long, clocking in at about 9 miles total. And, it will take you about 5 to 8 hours to complete. Along the way, you will see other waterfalls, including Big Laurel Falls, where you can stand in the waters, and Sheep Falls, which is much smaller than the other two.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Hike to Falls: 9 miles; strenuous
  • Nearest Town: Pleasant Hill, Tennessee

Waterfalls Near Gatlinburg, Tennessee

For even more waterfall hikes near this area, don’t forget to check out our post on the best hikes and waterfalls near Gatlinburg.

Abrams Falls

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a very popular tourist destination, and one of the best places to find waterfalls in Tennessee. Abrams Falls is in this area and is a part of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is only 20 feet high, but there is so much water roaring over its rocks that it remains a national park must-see. You can swim here, but swimming close to this high water volume is extremely dangerous, due to currents and an undertow. If you want to swim, stay well away from the falls. 

To reach this area, you will need to complete the Abrams Falls Trail in Cades Cove. The trail is truly beautiful, with pine, oak, and hemlock forests, ridge tops, and wildflowers. It follows Abrams Creek, where you might be able to spot an otter or two. 

  • Entrance Fee: FREE- Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the only National Parks with free admittance year round.
  • Hike to Falls: 5.2 miles, moderate
  • Nearest Town: Townsend, Tennessee

Grotto Falls

Grotto Falls is also in Smoky Mountain National Park. The easiest way to access it is from the Trillium Gap Trail on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. The Trillium Gap Trail will take you right to Grotto Falls, and actually lead you behind it. Grotto Falls is 25 feet tall and is a great place to explore. But, be careful of slippery rocks (and keep an eye out for salamanders).

Remember: pets are only allowed on two trails in the entire National Park: Gatlinburg Trail and Oconaluftee River Trail.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Hike to Falls: 2.6 miles moderate
  • Nearest Town: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Spruce Flats Falls

This hike is located right behind the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont. It is not on the official National Park map, but it is still fairly popular for crowds to accrue. Your walk will take you through a young forest, and end at the falls. Spruce Flats Falls is breathtaking, and cascades in four tiers, dropping 30 feet in total. You can scramble to get closer, or even climb over other rocks to get to the other side. Visit in the autumn for excellent pictures of this cascade against bright fall foliage.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Hike to Falls: 1.4 miles, easy
  • Nearest Town: Townsend, Tennessee

Big Creek Trailhead to Mouse Creek Falls

While this location is technically across the border in North Carolina, it is easily accessible for anyone near Gatlinburg or within the Great Smoky Mountains. This hike takes you into the forest, then links back up with Big Creek. You will see a boulder field, wildflowers, and Midnight Hole, a deep green pool beneath a small 6-foot waterfall. Finally, you will reach the larger, 45- foot Mouse Creek Falls, and your midpoint. Here, you can either turn around or continue another 3 miles to a backcountry campsite.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Hike to Falls: 4.2 miles,;moderate
  • Nearest Town: Hartford, Tennessee

Hoping for a guided adventure through waterfalls near Gatlinburg? Consider this great tour. In just a few hours, you will see seven waterfalls in the Smoky’s with a local guide.

Rainbow Falls

This is a relatively longer hike but well worth the effort. After this strenuous hike, you’ll be rewarded with the 80-foot tall waterfall: Rainbow Falls. It is considered the tallest single-drop waterfall in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The hike also offers some beautiful overlooks, bridges to cross, and some smaller waterfalls.

  • Hike to Falls: 5.1 miles (moderate)
  • Nearest Town: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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