Summer in Arizona: Things to Do When it’s HOT

If you’re traveling to Arizona in the summertime, do not fret! There are endless things to do despite the heat. You can still enjoy Arizona’s stunning landscapes and hidden natural treasures. From adventures to luxuries, here’s how to explore this desert wonder while staying safe from the killer heat and fiery sun. That’s because even though summer in Arizona can boast 120+ temperatures, there are ways to adapt your travel plans to the hot weather.

Below is a breakdown of 23 types of summer things to do in Arizona, with specific activities and places to visit. From award-winning cuisine to helicopter rides with your loved one, with a little preparation (and some summer essentials), here’s how you can enjoy a summer vacation in Arizona. 


  • Monsoon Season + sandstorms: Yep, you read that right. Rain in the desert! Monsoon season in Arizona starts in June and runs through September. These storms cause heavy localized flooding and massive dust storms with zero visibility on the road. ALWAYS check the weather before you hit the road.
  • Hydration importance: Arizona’s extreme and dry heat will make you more susceptible to dehydration. Drinking lots of water is crucial in the summer, especially if you are active and sightseeing all day. Carry a big cold thermo of water like this one.
  • Higher Altitude = Cool Temperatures: If you want to be outside but can’t stand the heat, try visiting an Arizona location with a higher altitude. Flagstaff in the summer has a high of 69 and a low of 48, the perfect respite from the heat!
  • Prevent UV Radiation: UV radiation is off the charts in this area of the country under the direct sun. Protect yourself!
  • Peak Temperatures: The average summer high temperatures can range from 90 to 120 degrees. Nights can be a little cooler, with cities like Sedona dropping to the 60s when the sun sets and Flagstaff into the 40s.
  • Embrace Siesta Culture: Be active early and late to beat the heat! Relax, nap, or do something “cool” during the hottest part of the day.
  • Make Peace with the Heat: Arizona is hot, but it’s part of what makes it beautiful.

Arizona Summer Packing Musts

  • SunscreenI love this one because it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave a white film.
  • UV umbrella: Bring a compact UV umbrella like this one. The inside is lined with a dark or thick coating so you can use it for a proper shade over your head at all times. 
  • Sun hat: If you don’t want to hold an umbrella around, a sun hat is the best way to protect your face from getting burnt by the Arizona sun! One like this is both cute and practical.
  • Sunglasses: If you have light sensitivity, sunglasses can protect your eyes from UV exposure and sunlight.
  • Light jacket: If you travel to high-altitude towns, this is a must because it gets cold at night there.
  • Cold water bottle: this water bottle stays cold for over 24 hours! Perfect for cooling you down on a hot day in the desert.
  • Hiking boots: If you plan on going on some rugged hiking trails in high altitude/cooler areas.

Summer in Arizona: Things to Do When It’s Hot

1. Visit Arizona’s Spas

  • The Spa Suites, Enchantment Resort: Set within the red rocks of Sedona’s Boynton Canyon, this spa provides a serene background for your visit. You can book a variety of treatments, services, and massages with access to your own fireplace, lounge area, changing room, and private terrace. They also have a Yoga and Movement Studio and fitness center. 
  • CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa: This award-winning resort spa is tucked away among 20 acres of natural succulent Sonoran Desert beauty. CIVANA strives to provide its guests with the ultimate relaxation experience with world-renowned healers and wellness guides.
  • Sanctuary on Camelback Resort Spa: Focusing on balance and relaxation, this spa is nestled in the serene desert of Scottsdale. In addition to a plethora of services, there’s a Zen meditation garden and a reflection pond for visitors to soak in the serene landscape. Consider the highly rated acupuncture services here.
  • Miraval Arizona: This spa is on 400 acres of North Tuscon desert. Miraval Arizona has won many awards for its services which fuse modern techniques with ancient traditions. The spa has 23 indoor and outdoor treatment rooms, a reflecting pool, and a two-way fireplace; all accompanied by spectacular desert and mountain landscape views.
  • Canyon Ranch: A pioneering wellness resort with a stellar facility to heal and re-energize you. They offer over 100 services with a mix of traditional and modern therapies in the form of massage, nail care, hair care, reflexology, Shiatsu, and Shirodhara. They also have hydrothermal steam rooms and baths. Book a stay overnight for the full experience. 

2. Go Kayaking or Tubing

  • Emerald Cave in Black Canyon: Scaling over the Colorado River, Emerald Cave is an enchanting experience in Black Canyon on the border of Arizona and Nevada. This natural beauty draws people from around the world. The water glows a hue of emerald green playing, dancing off the cave’s yellow and brown walls! It takes about a half-day to kayak and is a gentle 5-mile trip. Book a tour from Las Vegas or from Willow Beach Marina.
  • Salt River Kayaking or Rafting: The Salt River is an iconic destination in the Greater Phoenix area that will take you through the heart of the Tonto National Forest– the largest in Arizona. As you float, enjoy the Sonoran Desert’s flora and fauna on the banks of the river, where you may even catch a herd of wild horses! You can book this kayaking tour or this tube rafting tour.
  • Mesa Kayaking with Wildlife: King Bee Adventure Club has kayak tours with local wildlife. This is another opportunity to catch a herd of wild horses grazing along the river bank.
  • Apache Junction: If paddle boarding is more your sport, you might enjoy Canyon Lake in Apache Junction. Surrounded by the desert terrain of the Boulder Recreation Site, you’ll paddle up La Barge Creek to reach Eagle’s Nest, a perfect spot for lounging on the board and swimming.
  • Verde River Kayaking: The Verde River flows through the Coconino National Forest and is one of two “Wild and Scenic” rivers in Arizona. It’s still new to recreational use, so the landscape is wild and practically untouched. You can book your experience through Sedona Tours.

I recommend wearing a linen white shirt like this one to avoid getting sun burn but still staying cool. Also, a white open hat like this one for the same reason!

3. Helicopter Tour Over Grand Canyon

helicopter ride above grand canyon

There is nothing like exploring one of the world’s greatest wonders from the air. Helicopter Tours over the Grand Canyon are a thrilling way to explore this fantastic formation measuring 10 miles across and a mile deep! One of the closest flights is out of Tusayan, a 45 minutes flight over the Kaibab National Forest and the Colorado River before soaring over the Grand Canyon. This tour will take you through the deepest section of the canyon– the Dragon Corridor– for some killer views. 

Other helicopter tour options:

  • From Vegas: The Grand Canyon Deluxe Helicopter Tour leaves Las Vegas and will pick you up from your hotel. The flight takes four hours, touching down with a champagne toast deep in the canyon before letting you lose to explore. The tour will also take you over Lake Mead, the Las Vegas Strip, and the Hoover Dam.
  • From Phoenix: Small Group Grand Canyon Helicopter and Group Trip leaves from Phoenix and is a whole day excursion by land and air. First, you’ll drive down historic Route 66 before the 45-minute helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. The flight will take you over the Colorado River, through the canyon, where you can explore the sites upon landing and return by luxury van.  

3. Tonto Natural Bridge + Lavender Farm

This area tends to be about 10-15 degrees cooler than Phoenix. So if you wake up early, you can go hiking through 70 and 80 degree weather in the middle of July in Arizona! Tonto Natural Bridge is a breathtaking natural wonder located in the Tonto National Forest (mentioned above for kayaking). Standing tall at a staggering height of 183 feet, it proudly holds the title of the world’s largest travertine bridge. Embarking on an adventure through its enchanting trails, visitors are treated to a captivating display of majestic rock formations and cascading waterfalls.

Afterward, drive just 10 minutes to Pine Creek Lavender in the small town of Pine, Arizona. Here, you can enjoy picturesque lavender fields and peruse a wide array of lavender-infused products.

For guided tours in the region check out:

5. Hot Air Balloon Flight over Phoenix

If you’re in Phoenix and want to see the sites, why not explore them from a hot air balloon? We recommend morning hot air balloon flights over Phoenix offered out of Deer Valley Airport, where you’ll catch spectacular views of the Sonoran Desert and Phoenix Valley from the perspective of a cloud. Each flight is about an hour, and they also offer a Campagne breakfast. Rain Ryders Hot Air Balloon Ride Co. is another great option for a sunrise balloon ride, including transportation from the landing site. 

6. Chase Easy Waterfalls

We have a whole article dedicated to the best waterfalls in Arizona. But real quick, here are three easy ones:

  • Water Wheel Falls: This fall in Payson is a prime spot for travelers looking for sightseeing, picnicking, fishing, and taking a cool dip. Named after the famous Water Wheel along the trail, it’s only a short 15 min hike to the falls, which is doable even when the heat is intense. A swimming hole with icy cold water cascades down 80+ feet of unique rock formations.
  • Cibecue Falls: This is one of Arizona’s best-kept secrets, and for a good reason. It’s a 3-mile roundtrip hike to get to the falls, full of river crossings and water to splash in on a hot day–wear something you want to get wet! You can purchase your hiking permit through the Mountain Apache Tribe Game and Fish website. That will also grant you access to Apache Falls. 
  • Apache Falls: Near Cibecue Falls, the hike to this is only 1-mile roundtrip and an easy hike for beginners taking about 10 minutes to walk. The falls are hidden in the Salt River Canyon with a low elevation gain and a rock formation. Bring your swimsuit!

7. Head to the Swimming Holes

  • Slide Rocks State Park: This combination park and apple orchard sprawls across 43 acres of historic land. The swimming hole is located at Oak Creek and includes an 80-foot natural slide of worn-down sandstone! The rocks can get very slippery, so you may want to bring swim shoes for extra grip.
  • Griffith Spring Trailhead: This shaded one-mile loop is a desirable respite hike from the sun located between Sedona and Flagstaff. The trail winds through the ponderosa pine forests on a well-maintained path and follows a small canyon where the heavy summer rains create a stream in the late summer. There are also trails for horseback riding!
  • Wet Beaver Creek: Tucked away in Camp Verde, this is a secluded trail to a cool brook at the southern rim of the Colorado Plateau. The stream is full of trout and wonderful fishing spots. The trail’s highlight is The Crack–a silly joke but an awesome place to jump into the deep, cool water. 
  • Fossil Creek: This is a gem of Camp Verde and the second “Wild and Scenic” river in Arizona. The trail to get to the swimming hole at the creek is a short, easy 1.5-miles. The creek seems to appear out of nowhere despite the fact that it’s rushing 20,000 gallons of water a minute! The canyon at the bottom is 1,600 deep, and there are some impressive deposits of limestone built up from years of calcium-laden water. Reserve your permit with Bob Bear Trailhead.
  • Grasshopper Point: This popular picnic and swimming destination is tucked away in Sedona’s Oak Creek Canyon. It features a large cliffside natural pool where swimmers can enjoy a cool, shaded break. You can access the point from three trails: Casner Canyon Trail, Allen’s Bend, and Huckaby Trail. There’s a fee to enter ($9 per car for up to 5 people and $2 per walking/bike).

8. Visit Flagstaff

Flagstaff is an Arizona favorite for travelers, sometimes simply because it’s cooler! The city is surrounded by stunning mountainscapes, home to the largest ponderosa pine forest (Coconino National Forest), and has the tallest peak in the state– Humphreys Peak, standing at 12,637 feet. In the summer, visitors love to hike, mountain bike, camp, and do all the outdoor activities that are impossible to do in the extreme heat of lower altitudes. You can also check out the historic Route 66, with tons of museums dedicated to the area’s Native American history and old west ways. Because Flagstaff is prone to fires, there are several fire restrictions to keep in mind before you go. 

9. Sedona Jeep Tour (hooded)

Want to see the sights but don’t want to bake on a hike in the sun? Take a hooded Jeep tour around Sedona! This red rock city has some of the best views in the entire state, all of which you can see clearly from the road in a Jeep. Broken Arrow Jeep Tours offers rugged terrain rides along Sedona’s Broken Arrow Trail for six to nine people. Off-Road Jeep is another popular option, taking tourists along the private Diamondback Gulch. NOTE: These tours sell out fast! Plan far ahead of when you plan to ride, and bring the essentials: sturdy shoes, light clothing, sun hat, sunscreen, and water!

10. Watch a Show

  • Arizona Broadway Theatre: This is an easy activity for those in the Phoenix area looking to beat the heat with some indoor entertainment. They offer performances of a wide variety: broadway-style musicals, concerts, murder mysteries, and so much more!
  • Herberger Theater Center: Settled right in Downtown Phoenix, this is an indoor performing arts destination featuring three stages to entertain its guests. They pride themselves on serving as a performing arts incubator for the community, supporting and fostering the growth of artists across the city. In addition to a set of spectacular live shows, the Herberger Theatre hosts art exhibitions showing off pieces from local creators. 
  • Hale Centre Theatre Arizona: This is your destination if you like all things Broadway and Off-Broadway. The theatre itself is pretty cool, with 350-degree circular seating. They offer tickets to a year-round selection of fantastic new and traditional shows, including Bye Bye Birdie and The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

11. Go to the Museums in Arizona

  • Heard Museum: This museum is one of the most prominent institutions in the country and a global attraction for admirers of American Indian Art and culture. Founded in 1929, this museum has world-class exhibitions, programs, and festivals dedicated to broadening your perspective and celebrating the unique and beautiful life of the native tribes. They collaborate with local artists and tribal communities to showcase 12 galleries of all art varieties– sculptures, paintings, garments, jewelry– plus an outdoor sculpture garden and a contemporary gallery. Located right on Central Avenue in Phoenix, the Heard Museum is open every day but Monday, with specific hours for members only. 
  • Phoenix Art Museum: Less than a 10-minute walk from the Heard Museum, this one offers a stunning collection of acclaimed Renaissance art and is considered the largest museum in the Southwest. They have over 20,000 objects on display in a vibrant and bold space you just have to see in person. Between the exhibits, the weekly events, the library, and their onsite restaurant, you could spend all day here in the cool air. There is also a ton of ways you can get free admission: “Pay As You Wish” Wednesday evenings, Free First Friday evenings of every month, or if you qualify for other admission discounts.  
  • Arizona Museum of Natural History: Get ready to go back to 75,000 BC at this museum settled right in Mesa. It’s the only natural history museum in Greater Phoenix and explores millenniums of Southwestern culture and history. The museum is owned and operated by the City and is home to 60,000 objects, 10,000 photographs, and helps preserve both the Sirrine House on Center Steet and the Mesa Grande– one of a few surviving Hokokam platform mounds. You can purchase tickets online or in person at the door and even take an online tour first to plan your visit.
  • The Musical Instrument Museum: Music lovers, this is your spot! This museum is a fun attraction in Phoenix, and the largest of its kind in the entire world! They have a collection of over 15,000 instruments from across 200 countries and territories. With state-of-the-art media and immersive exhibits, you can really lose yourself in a world of music. If you love live music, they offer several concert series and live performances to enjoy. The museum is open every day, but you must reserve admission tickets online. Get tickets here.
  • Prima Air and Space Museum: This museum is one of the world’s largest non-government-funded aerospace museums located right in Tuscan. Their displays are spectacular, sporting over 300 aircraft carriers standing proudly across 80 acres of the campus. Guests can peruse the aircrafts as well as the Arizona Aviation Hall. For a more in-depth look at the museum, try booking a tram or walking tour with a guide to narrate the highlights. If you do want tram tickets, they have to be bought upon your visit, not in advance. 

12. Taste the Local Mexican Cuisine

  • Elote Restaurant in Sedona: Elote Cafe is located inside the Sedona Real Inn and Suites and is hailed for its authentic regional Mexican dishes and tequila drinks. They provide an elegant menu mixing farm-fresh Southwest flavors with the Mexican classics everyone loves. While the cuisine has won several awards, the views from the restaurant overlooking the Sedona Red Rocks are breathtaking. To dine in, you must make reservations for a table, and reservations can go out 60 days in advance. If you don’t care to dine in, they do accept carry-out orders!
  • La Hacienda in Scottsdale: This is considered one of the best restaurants in Scottsdale and a hub for those looking for quality Mexican cuisine. The experience starts with the stunning old-world design of the restaurant located in the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Hotel. Be prepared for handcrafted guacamole right at your table, a huge selection of tequilas, beehive fireplaces, and a warm atmosphere that will make you feel welcomed and fulfilled. The patio is open for outdoor dining under the stars. Hours do vary based on the season, and reservations are highlight encouraged. 
  • El Barrio Cafe in Phoenix: This dine-in and takeout restaurant features creative Mexican dishes with a side of folk art. This establishment has pure warmth, from the decor to the delicious mix of modern and traditional Mexican dishes recognized as some of the best in the Phoenix area. Guests can enjoy live music in the dining room from Thursday through Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons. This is a first come, first serve place– no reservations! Some of the customer favorites include the Chiles en Nogada, tilapia wrapped in banana leaves, and the Yucatan pulled pork.

13. Visit the Breweries

Mother Road Brewery
  • Mother Road Brewery: This brewery is the third-largest craft brewery in Arizona, tucked into the historic section of Route 66. The vibe is super chill, providing indoor seating with a front-row seat to the brewing action and outdoor seating under shaded umbrellas. The brewery doesn’t allow outside food, but they do offer delectable bites through their partnership with the Roadside Stove food trailer that pairs delightfully with their craft beers. Want to help the brewery give back to its community? Every can of Conserve & Protect Golden Ale they sell is donated to the Arizona Game & Fish to protect over 800 species in the state! 
  • Wren House Brewing Company: This multi-award-winning Arizona brewery has a unique taproom in the Phoenix neighborhood of Green Gables. They feature handcrafted beers brewed right in the back room of the 10bbl brewhouse that was converted from a 1930 bungalow. It’s super cozy and welcoming to all, with just a little music playing in the background to allow people to gather and bond over a love for craft beer. Wren House is great about updating its taplist online so visitors can see what’s ready to try before their visit. Outside food is allowed and encouraged. 
  • Four Peaks Brewing Company: This is a fantastic brewery to try some craft beers while dining in for a long night of delicious pairings. Plus, this is only about a 20-minute drive from Downtown Phoenix in Tempe. The brewery itself is housed in a 100-year-old former ice factory and creamery, with warm red brick scaling the walls. They offer year-round, seasonal, and specialty brews in addition to a full menu of burgers, pizza, and brewers’ favorite treats. There’s a ton of room to sit both indoors and on the large front patio, depending on your preference (and the heat!). 
  • Fate Brewing Company: This brewery is a Scottsdale favorite in the heart of Old Town, featuring house-brewed craft beers and American-style pub treats. This brewery loves to celebrate EVERYTHING and brings the community together in their lively taproom with small batch beers and mouth-watering dishes. They offer big, private party spaces for large groups and a dog-friendly outdoor patio to enjoy when the weather is cool. Fate Brewing also offers exciting events all year, primarily related to food, such as National Taco Day and National Cheeseburger Day!
  • Walter Station Brewery: This woman-owned establishment sits on Washington Street in Phoenix, close to several restaurants in the area. The taproom specials and samples are posted on the website with their latest offerings. If you’re hungry, the brewery partners with Saffron Jack, an award-winning food truck and bakery, where you can visit or order take-out through the app Toast. Fun events are always posted on their Facebook page, including Trivia Night and community cookouts. Walter Station also has live music every Friday and Saturday night! 

14. Visit Downtown Phoenix + Shopping

Phoenix’s Downtown area is vibrant and busy, with endless opportunities to explore and enjoy. Some historical highlights include the Tovrea Castle–a historic park in the city’s heart– the Mystery Castle, a touching monument. City explorers can visit the Arizona Science Center or soak up the beauty of the Japanese Friendship Garden. Phoenix is also close to so many outdoor adventures and parks: Lake Pleasant Regional Park, South Moutain Park Preserve, and Estrella Mountain Regional Park. It’s a bustling city great for stopping at brewpubs, restaurants, shops, and other fun stops to pass the time between attractions!

For shopping, pop into The Churchill for some cute local boutique shops and food. It’s a community space that fosters creativity and collaboration. I loved it. That street area has other very cute shops. Park closely to avoid walking too much in the heat, and check them out!

15. Book a Place with a Pool

  • L’Auberge de Sedona: This place is a wonderful destination for travelers who want a cozy and cool place to stay. Settled in the mountains of Uptown Sedona, this hotel is close to Broken Arrow Trailhead and Sedona Art Center and within walking distance of many restaurants. They offer 88 adorable cabin-style air-conditioned units with access to an outdoor pool and an onsite spa. Plus, it’s pet friendly if you have a furry friend!
  • Waterfront Home with Private Pool: If you don’t want to stay in a hotel, you can explore the many Arizona rentals waiting for travelers to book their getaways. Sites like Vrbo have a host of luxury homes with private pools or access to water that can make even the hottest Arizona day a cool escape. Most homes will be air-conditioned but ensure this is the case before you book. You can also look for homes on Airbnb
  • Amara Resort and Spa: This hotel has a stunning “tree lodge” aesthetic that backs right up to the majestic red rocks of Uptown Sedona. The hotel offers an outdoor pool with relaxing canopy-style seating, a tranquil spa, and a warm dining and lounge area to stay cool while planning your trip around the region. The resort also provides several options for onsite entertainment, and you can book outdoor adventures, such as Jeep tours and private hiking excursions. 
  • Enchantment Resort: This spectacular Sedona accommodation lives up to its name. It’s surrounded on all sides by the red rocks and ponderosa pines of the Boynton Canyon. They offer casitas suites with Southwestern decor inspired by deep-rooted cultures of the region, some including private pools! You can stay cool poolside (private or shared), explore the spa and wellbeing center, or taste a mix of delicious American and Southwestern dishes at the exclusive restaurants of the resort. You can even combine your dining experience while you’re poolside! 

16. E-Bike Tours

Touring the famous red rocks by e-bike is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an excellent way to see the rugged Sedona landscape. This e-biking tour offers a scenic view of the beautiful Catherdral Rocks on Red Rock Loop Rd. The route detours to a national park where you can birdwatch, hike, swim and take stunning nature photos. You can expect to be on tour for 2 ½ to 3 hours, and we encourage you to bring swim gear if you want to cool off in the water. Schedule a tour for early morning or late afternoon for the coolest times of the day. 

17. Star-Gazing Photography Experience 

There are parts of Arizona where the sky lights up with so many stars you can’t believe your eyes. Signing up for a star gazing tour can take you to all the secret spots where the sky lights up the night. The Flagstaff Stargazing Experience is one of the best, taking you on a journey through the cosmos using a telescope and long-exposure photography techniques that allow you to see deep into space. Take a seat with a hot drink and a jacket (since it’s cold at night in Flagstaff) and get ready to see the best of the Southwest sky. You’ll end up with some of the most unique photos in a sea of stars. If your scheduled date has poor viewing conditions, you can always request an alternate date or refund. 

18. Classic Grand Canyon Day Trip from Phoenix

If you’re not crazy about a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon, you can still book a fun and exciting day trip out of Phoenix! This Grand Canyon day trip provides a full day of exploring Route 66 with an expert guide on your way to the incredible natural wonder. You’ll then drive through the Sonoran Desert and the Grand Canyon National Park, with tons of opportunities to stop for photo ops. You can book a tour for a small group of up to 13 or a private tour, and all tours take place in a luxury, air-conditioned van. 

Psst… If you rather save the Grand Canyon for cold weather, check out our Grand Canyon in the Winter travel guide.

19. Steamboat + Apache Trail Tour

Combine your love of land and water by booking a Steamboat and Apache Trail Tour. This full-day tour leaves from Phoenix and will take you to some of the most famous parts of the Sonoran Desert. First, you’ll pass through a ghost town on your way to board the steamboat through Canyon Lake. Next, you’ll get a taste of the Wild West with views of the Superstition Wilderness and the hamlet of Tortilla Flat. Along the way, your guide will share historical stories of the American frontier and teach you survival skills for getting lost in the desert. Hotel pick-up and drops are also available for this tour.  

20. Go to a Winery 

  • Page Spring Cellars: This popular winery in Cornville is open 365 days a year. It’s a wonderful getaway for wine lovers to cool off and taste some new favorites. Guests can relax in the tasting room, sipping flights while listening to live music weekly. Choose a regular flight of 5 wines or order the Reserve Flight, which includes five limited-edition creations. For a bite to eat, the bistro offers an assortment of cheeseboards, tapas, and other delectable treats to pair with the wine. All the while, guests can peruse the art gallery showcasing local artists of the Verde Valley in various mediums– all for sale! 
  • LDV Winery: This winery is a favorite among both locals and travelers, with a tasting room right in Scottsdale. Their fresh and flavorful wines truly uphold the value of “grape to glass” with every batch. The grapes are grown in a pristine location southeast of Tuscan, at 5,000 ft about sea level, with the Chiricahua Mountains soaring behind. The winery strives to connect and enrich the lives of its guests by pairing its wine creations with all of life’s most special treats. You can find many activities to do with wine tasting on the website: aroma therapy, art pairing, cheese pairing, chocolate pairing, and a sip n’ snip flower class! 
  • Arizona Stronghold Vineyards: Not too far from Page Spring Cellars in Old Town Cottonwood, this winery offers fierce blends inspired by Arizona’s wild and untamed terrain. These wine enthusiasts are proud farmers and pioneers of the region. They’ve produced several prize-winning wines recognized for the quality of fruit sourced from their fields and other local vineyards across the state. Guests can enjoy a glass of authentic Arizona wine in the cozy tasting room or on the patio if the weather permits. 

21. Salve-Making Experience

Salve Crafting is an ancient practice of foraging, growing, and storying herbs using oil and beeswax. This process creates a soothing product that does wonders to heal skin conditions and has natural antimicrobial properties for various ailments. The Sedona Medicine Makers, located in West Sedona, will teach you how to gather and infuse your own salves to take home your own one-of-a-kind Arizona souvenir. All supplies are ethically and sustainably harvested, and supplies are included in the $50 fee for the experience. 

22. Verde Canyon Railroad Adventure

Explore the Verde Canyon on the scenic Verde Canyon Railroad Adventure that takes you on an exciting ride through 110 years of Arizona history. Starting at the depot, riders will learn about the history of Sedona and have the opportunity to shop and dine. The train ride takes 4 hours and explores areas of the region only accessible by train. Guests will have access to food and alcohol service on board while they enjoy the rolling scenery. Riders who are suspectable to the heat may want to choose a time in the early or later parts of the day. You must book your tickets online

23. Explore Lower Antelope Canyon

One of northern Arizona’s most extraordinary photography sites is the Lower Antelope Canyon, but you have to book a guide to take you there. You can purchase a tour through Viator that will take you into the Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park, where you can take pictures of the “spiral rock arches.” It takes about 45-65 minutes to complete the 1.1 miles. I suggest visiting in the morning when the heat is less intense, or from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm with heat protection if you want to catch ample light beams. Note: You must arrive 1 hour before your selected time. 

24. Embrace Siesta Culture

Siesta culture is made for the aggressive hot temperatures native Arizona and the Southwest region. Summer in Arizona can be brutal– sometimes, it’s literally too hot to do ANYTHING. Embrace the Southwest tradition of taking a short nap during the hottest part of the day or relaxing with a book. Once the sun starts to set, you’ll be reenergized and ready to go!

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