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Why You Should Give Bangkok a Chance + The Best Things to Do

Bangkok is special from anywhere else you’ll visit. Vibrant. Raw. Pulsating. It’s everything hipster cities around the world try to be. There’s something in this city for everyone. Shopping, culture, history, exotic and delicious food, short day trips to nature, bustling nightlife, and a never-ending list of attractions. The cool home decor and artwork that […]

Celebrating the Thai New Year – Why I Loved and Hated Songkran

“Make sure you buy the biggest and baddest water gun!” my friend Brian gushed. He’s lived in Thailand for years and was graciously preparing me with tons of travel tips. It turned out I was coincidentally arriving in Chiang Mai the week of Songkran- Thailand’s New Year festival. I didn’t know what it entailed nor […]