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Crossing the Zimbabwe Border into Beitbridge by Car in 10 Steps

Crossing into Zimbabwe Beitbridge Musina

There was such little information on the internet on how to cross the border into Zimbabwe that I decided to share my process this week for those who may be interested in the same trajectory. This is for crossing the border from Musina, South Africa into Beitbridge, Zimbabwe by car. The officer at the Zimbabwe…

Hiking Pico Duarte in the Dominican Alps: The Tallest Mountain in the Caribbean

pico duarte hike

Hiking Pico Duarte in the Dominican Republic is often overlooked by tourists who are usually more informed about our tropical country’s conventional attractions: white sand beaches, coconut palm trees, and piña coladas. And while we proudly have lots of those scenes throughout our coastlines, they’re just a tiny piece of our richly diverse topography. The…

A Lovely Day Trip to Philadelphia: What to See & Where to Go

One Liberty Observation Deck, a Philadelphia day trip destination

The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, is Pennsylvania’s largest city situated just 90 minutes from New York City by train. Yet, many traveling through the northeastern United States are often unaware of the myriad of things this underrated and often overlooked city can offer. Philadelphia is bustling with significant American history, traditional and modern art,…

Dealing with Travel Burnout: Why it Happens & How to Overcome it

I never thought I would get here. Standing in a hotel room in Myanmar, feeling completely numb to the new city outside my window. Tired of eating the same breakfast of powdered eggs and some grains. Tired of my 24-hour friendships. Tired of wearing the same worn-out clothes. Tired of seeing my hair in such…

Rapidly Changing Brooklyn & the Perpetual Fear of Displacement in NYC

The clamor of metal clanks, wooden plows, and electric drills from local construction sites have been echoing throughout my street and into my tenement apartment window for years now. Change is inevitable and even expected in New York City. However, the rate of change in my Clinton Hill/Fort Greene, Brooklyn neighborhood has been exponential and feels almost…

Mongolia Travel Tips: 11 Things To Know Before You Travel to Mongolia

Horses and people at sunset in Mongolia travel

Mongolia is an enchantment for travelers interested in history, culture, nature, and adventure travel. And yet, it is ranked as one of the least visited countries for tourism in the world (134 out of 188). This is partly because up until Mongolia’s Democratic Revolution in the 1990s, tourism was limited by their formerly communist government….