For a Lovely Wellness Vacation Head to Naples, Marco Island, & the Everglades in Florida

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades – Florida’s Paradise Coast. All opinions are 100% mine.

The state of Florida offers an array of relaxing and fun activities for a wonderful wellness travel vacation with friends, family, or yourself! But where to in Florida? Consider the regions of Naples, Marco Island, and the Everglades. Here you can plan a delightful vacation where you can do yoga on the beach in Marco Island, feast in freshly caught seafood in Naples, and cruise through the tropical wetlands of the Everglades. Here’s a guide to planning a wellness trip in these lovely parts of Florida!

Why “Wellness Travel”?

Prioritizing wellness has been paramount to my well-being as a traveler with a chronic autoimmune illness. As someone who is passionate about travel, I know how easy it is to sometimes overdo a trip. All too often have I (and so many travelers I know) done a cross-continental, non-stop adventure in which we check off a long bucket list, running from spot to spot, and caving into FOMO (a fear of missing out) without actually having a vacation. While these trips can make for epic adventures, often so many travelers return sick and/or exhausted from their vacation!

Here is where a wellness-focused trip comes into place. What about planning a relaxing vacation where you can go back to work the next day feeling refreshed inside out? A vacation where you don’t have to go too far (less than a 4-hour flight)? A vacation where you feel healthier afterward? For this type of wellness travel, consider incorporating strategies and wellness initiatives such as choosing your travel destination wisely. Such as destinations that are:

  • Conducive to wellness activities

  • Offer year-round warm weather

  • Safe to travel to (it’s not very relaxing having to constantly look over your shoulders)

  • Have easy access to outdoor activities

  • Known for having a high quality of living (happy locals)

You don’t have to fly all the way to Thailand or India to find a wellness trip experience like this. All of these qualities you can get in our very own sunny state of Florida! Just a three-hour flight from NYC, consider heading over for one of the many weekend getaways in Florida.

Did you know? Naples, Florida has been ranked as the happiest city in the United States for years according to a Gallup-Sharecare survey. Vacation Well in Paradise.

Top Wellness Things to Do in Marco Island, Naples, & the Everglades

Here’s a breakdown of the top eight things to do on a wellness travel trip through these three amazing places to visit in Florida.

1. Exploring the Everglades

The Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness area in the United States, expanding through 1.5 million acres of South Florida wetland. There are an abundant amount of activities to take part in the Everglades: seeing crocodiles, biking, fishing, kayaking, bird watching, camping, and so much more. Allocate at least a few days to the Everglades region to more fully experience its vastness.

2. Yoga on the Beach

Consider spending your mornings waking up to a beautiful sunrise on the beach as you inhale and exhale through a refreshing yoga stretch pose. This is the perfect way to start your mornings and get some nice movement into your body before starting your wellness-focused vacation every day!

If yoga is not your cup of tea, considering visiting the beaches and walking along the beautiful shorelines of Marco Island and/or Naples.

3. Everglades Seafood Festival

Everglades City hosts the annual Seafood Festival every February. This is a perfect event for tasting all sorts of local seafood dishes while enjoying live music, carnival rides, and other festive activities. Perfect for bringing your entire family along!

4. Paddleboarding

There are dozens of different options where travelers can opt for a day of paddleboarding in Naples, Marco Island or the Everglades. This is one of the best ways to improve your body’s stability while engaging your core and having a fun time (and/or hilarious fun learning experience if you’re a beginner).

5. Feast in the Fresh Culinary Delights

Wherever you are in Naples, Marco Island or the Everglades, you should have easy access to fresh gulf-to-table meals made with locally-sourced fresh ingredients! What better way to cater to your wellness and taste buds than by enjoying a freshly made plate of mouth-watering seafood with locally-sourced side dishes? Dig Into Delicious on Florida’s Paradise Coast

Don’t forget: Stone Crab Season runs from October 15 through May 15 every year. Stone crab claws are a local delicacy that is a must-try if you’re in the area during the season!

6. Kayaking/Canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing are wonderful ways to embrace the Florida outdoors while getting a nice workout! There are several places to choose from where you can do this in Naples, Marco Island and/or Everglades region. This is perfect to take a friend, spouse, and/or your family along for a fun outdoors excursion.

7. Go Fishing

Fishing involves a number of wellness-related activities such as sailing, hiking, and engaging in mindfulness. It’s a past time that supports wellness both mentally and physically. And if you’re lucky, fishing also provides you with your own freshly caught seafood dinner!

8. Partake in Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week takes place two times a year (Winter and Summer) with different restaurants participating and offering different tasting menus at a discounted rate. It’s the perfect time for foodies to try the local cuisine from various top restaurants in the area.

Plan Your Visit to Paradise!



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