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Top 19 Best Places to Visit in Turkey – A Travel Guide

Morning cup of tea with view of colorful hot air balloons flying

Turkey is one of those special countries that leaves a traveler yearning to see more. Visitors can easily spend over a month exploring the country’s landscapes, history, and culture by train, bus, plane, and ferry. In collaboration with expert travel bloggers, we’ve compiled a bucket list of the best places to visit in Turkey to…

Healing Dominicanidad: Intergenerational Trauma + DR Locals to Follow for BLM / Decolonizing Efforts

My grandmother, mother, and I are pictured above. Three Dominican generations. An overwhelming feeling of IMPOTENCIA engulfed me as I watched neo-nazi groups stop not one but two Black Lives Matter peaceful protests that were supposed to take place in Santo Domingo this week in solidarity with the current protests/marches in the USA and around…

5 Special Reasons to Visit Laguna de Oviedo in Jaragua National Park (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve)

Located in the Southwest Dominican Republic, 5 hours from Santo Domingo by car, is the uniquely hypersaline lake: Laguna de Oviedo in the Jaragua National Park. Laguna de Oveido is part of a protected UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and listed as an important area for bird conservation and biodiversity (for land, plants, and animals– many which…

Homemade DIY Hair Mask For Curly Hair [Hydrating Recipe]

Using all-natural ingredients from your kitchen, give your hair a nourishing spa day with this easy-to-make hydrating mask. After spending a month mourning and healing from the initial shock of our current shift in daily living with Covid-19, the lives that have been tragically lost, and the loss of livelihoods for so many… Slowly, as…

This Traditional Dominican Onion Tea is Cherished for its Immune-Boosting & Cold-Busting Effects

tea with onion in it

You’re probably thinking “Onion tea? Yuck!” Well, at least that’s what I thought when I first heard of this cold-busting/immune-boosting tea that’s so praised in the Dominican Republic. I asked my Dominican friends and family about it in disbelief, and not only did most of them already know all about it, they sternly agreed it’s…

A Love Letter to the Dominican Heritage Tour by Katherine Carol

The Dominican Heritage Tour is a cultural heritage project delving into the cross-cultural influences and deep history of the Caribbean – in the hopes of better understanding and preserving our rich heritage while embracing the country’s natural wonders. This project is of particular importance in today’s increasingly transnational world and for us first-generation hyphenated Americans – who grew up between worlds, yearning to better understand our roots and multicultural values/identities. This project is in collaboration with local entrepreneurs, community leaders, and researchers in the efforts to not connect with but support each other. Below is a reflection of the trip experience by fellow traveler: Katherine Carol.

13 Unique Ways to Connect with Local Culture Abroad Ethically & Sustainably

Cultural heritage is the unique traditions and legacy of a group or society passed down by generations. This includes the arts, gastronomy, medicinal remedies, spirituality, personal values, landmarks, monuments, and more. Cultural tourism can be done a number of ways for an educational and personally enriching experience while helping support the preservation of local heritage and small businesses – if done ethically and sustainably, of course.

Cultural Immersive Travel That Is Ethical & Sustainable Matters
Ethical and sustainable cultural travel can help:Foster positive economic and social impact
Establish and reinforce cultural identity (especially for multicultural/diasporic communities); Preserve cultural heritage – this is important for a number of reasons but especially because social and cultural diversity enriches our perspective on medicine, politics, history, love, science, thought, everyday life, etc.; Promote awareness/understanding among people.

However, cultural heritage tourism can also lead to tensions, problematic tourist behavior, and have detrimental effects on locals. Below are a few examples of mistakes to avoid when traveling in the pursuit of culture (or in general).

A Travel Guide to Visiting Bahia de las Aguilas – Dominican Republic’s Finest Beach

bahia de las aguilas beach

When you picture a natural paradisiacal scene, what comes to mind? To many, it’s a white sand beach with crystal clear water like the ones used as desktop photos. Often, we travel far and wide looking for that transparent blue beach only to realize that it’s crowded with tourists, polluted, and/or nothing like the pictures….

23 Iconic Dominican Foods to Try Around the Island & Their Cultural Influences

If you really want to get to know the Dominican Republic, start with its food. Dominicans are very proud of their cuisine – and for good reason. The variety of local dishes available is not just impressive but also a representation of our unique history and cross-cultural influences of African, Spanish, and Taino traditions. These…

For a Lovely Wellness Vacation Head to Naples, Marco Island, & the Everglades in Florida

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades – Florida’s Paradise Coast. All opinions are 100% mine. The state of Florida offers an array of relaxing and fun activities for a wonderful wellness travel vacation with friends, family, or yourself! But where to in Florida? Consider…